Jung Seok-yong, who said, “We’ve been dating for 3 months,” mentions breakup (‘Miu Bird’)

Actor Jung Seok-yong announced the breakup with his lover through SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’. Provided by SBS

Actor Jung Seok-yong announced the breakup.

In the episode of ‘My Little Old Boy’, which was broadcast on the 29th, Jeong Seok-yong and Choi Jin-hyeok Lim Won-hee were depicted sharing a meal at a dorm located in Yeongdeok, Gyeongbuk.

On this day, Choi Jin-hyuk asked, “Is there any good news for the brothers?” while talking about Park Gun-Han-young, who recently got married, and Kim Jun-ho and Kim Ji-min, who announced their relationship publicly, Im Won-hee said to Jeong Seok-yong, “What happened to you? Did you break up?” I asked about Jung Suk-yong’s dating status.

Previously, Jung Seok-yong drew attention by revealing that they have been dating for three months through the broadcast of ‘My Little Old Boy’ in December of last year. At that time, Jung Seok-yong said about his lover, “I’m not an actor,” and said, “I’m in a good mood. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt it. It’s good, but it doesn’t feel real. I think it fits well so far. I have a good personality.”

However, on that day, when Im Won-hee asked whether or not to break up, Jeong Seok-yong lowered his head and said, “Yeah, what?” To Jeong Seok-yong, who announced that she broke up with her lover, Im Won-hee said, “Did you just ask?” and Choi Jin-hyuk sighed. Now Jeong Seok-yong said, “I was afraid of this, so I didn’t want to say anything.” He smiled and evoked her supportive voice.

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