Jung Sun-sin’s son “I said it as a joke, I accused him of violence at school”

First school counseling letter from Banpo High School immediately after compulsory transfer

I blamed the victim and didn’t think

“Deep reflection”…Homeroom teacher presents written opinion

School violence committee members unanimously delete records of school violence

In addition, Democratic Party of Korea Jeong Sun-shin’s Privilege Fact-Finding Team TF Director Kang Deuk-gu (right) and Representative Kang Min-jeong hold a press conference announcing the results of their visit to Banpo High School in the National Assembly Building on the 27th. random news

It was confirmed that the son of the lawyer Jeong Sun-shin, who had fallen from the post of head of the National Investigation Headquarters, said in the first counseling on campus that he received after being forced to transfer due to an incident of violence at school, “He got the a student who avoided the jokes was accused of violence at school.”

According to data submitted by Democratic Party member Kang Min-jeong, a member of the National Assembly Education Committee, from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on the 27th, Lawyer Jeong’s son received counseling from Banpo High School in Seoul in March 2019 , immediately after the forced transfer, saying, “The student victim said, He was confirmed as saying, “I drove them all into ‘perpetual school violence’.”

Banpo High School’s teacher, who consulted with Jung-gun, said in the ‘1st Counseling Diary’ in March 2019, “The incident started when a victim student came to his dormitory too often and Jeong-gun used male profanity and ‘to annoy. to go.” “After this incident, all the things that the victim usually said as a joke were innocently referred to the School Violence Countermeasures Committee (School Violence Committee) as ‘ongoing school violence’,” he wrote. In the first counseling after the forced transfer, Jung shifted the blame for the school violence to the victim and did not reflect.

After that, Jeong received 2nd and 3rd consultations in July and December 2019, respectively, but only received consultations related to regular college entrance exam. On January 28, 2020, before the school riot committee to erase records of forced transfers, Jung received the last 4th consultation on ‘reflection and future attitude’.

On the same day, Jeong-gun’s homeroom teacher told the school’s violence committee, “The above student thought creatively and actively about his character and career path during (completion of special education for the offender), Confrontation and recognition that were parts that showed emotional or impulsive responses, I reflected deeply.” He continued, “(Gun Jeong) promised to continue to refrain from causing harm to others through overly emotional or impulsive behavior.”

Afterwards, based on the opinion of the homeroom teacher, the school’s violence committee judged that Jeong “reflected on his actions” and deleted the record of measures related to school violence.

In a press conference at the National Assembly on the same day, the fact-finding team of Democratic Party Prosecutor Jeong Soon-shin said, “It was unanimously decided that all members of the school erase the school violence record of former prosecutor Jeong Soon-shin’s children. shin. violence committee at Banpo High School at the time.” We need to find out who intervened.”

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