Jung Sung-ho’s 5th pregnancy ♥ Gathering Daldal in the hotel swimming pool

Comedian Jeong Seong-ho and his wife Kyung Maek-reum enjoyed their prenatal trip.

Recently, Kyungmulleum posted on her Instagram, “I brought a couple of pregnant women’s dresses ???????? ????????‍♀️ with a tearing sound and the thighs don’t go up ???? Like this ???? I bought a bikini???? in a hurry in front of the ticket office and buy a bikini???? and enjoy in warm water. Hot spring swimming ❤️ #5th pregnancy #The _happiest_pregnant woman in the world ????????” along with several photos.

In the published photo, Kyeong-mak-reum enjoys swimming in a bikini in the hotel pool. She shows sweet skin with her husband Jung Sung-ho, showing the appearance of a loving couple.

On the other hand, Kyungmakreum is married to comedian Jeong Seong-ho, and they have four children and are currently pregnant for the fifth time.

By Ryu Ye-ji, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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