Jung Woo-sung Makes Directorial Debut with ‘Guardian’: A Unique and Colorful Film

Actor Jung Woo-sung Makes Directorial Debut with Action Film ‘Guardian’

“I jumped into the directing challenge without thinking about it.”

Last year, Lee Jung-jae’s directorial debut ‘Hunt’ introduced a new film director to the industry. Following in his best friend’s footsteps, actor Jung Woo-sung has now taken on the role of a film director with his first film, ‘Guardian’, which was released on the 15th.

‘Guardian’ is not only directed by Jung Woo-sung but also stars him in the lead role. The film is an action-packed story about Soo-hyeok (Jung Woo-sung), who discovers the existence of his daughter after she is released from prison, and the threats that come with it. Jung Woo-sung skillfully portrays his character’s inner conflicts, including regret and guilt for the past, along with a strong determination to cut off ties with the criminal world. The film’s immersive experience is enhanced through emotional action sequences. With a diverse cast, including Park Seong-woong as the head of the organization Eung-guk, Kim Jun-han as the second president of the organization Seong-joon, and Woo-jin (Kim Nam-gil) and Jin-ah (Park Yuna), the duo hired by Sung-jun, ‘Guardian’ offers an unpredictable storyline centered around Jung Woo-sung.

‘Guardian’ has received pre-sales in 153 countries worldwide and has been officially invited to prestigious film festivals such as the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, the 55th Sitges International Fantasy Film Festival, and the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival.

When asked about his directing experience, Jung Woo-sung attributed the success of ‘Guardian’ to his determination and commitment. He instructed the staff during pre-production not to seek inspiration from other films, but instead to focus on faithfully representing the emotions portrayed in the script. This approach allowed the film to find its own unique vision and style.

As a veteran actor with 30 years of experience, Jung Woo-sung’s directorial debut showcases his expertise and ability to build strong relationships with his colleagues. His cast members expressed their admiration for his clear direction and detailed guidance, leading to a satisfying outcome. Kim Nam-gil praised the detailed direction for his character, while Kim Jun-han described ‘Guardian’ as a unique and colorful film that only director Jung Woo-sung could bring to life.

Jung Woo-sung, who has now achieved his long-time dream of directing, shared his satisfaction with the filmmaking process. He emphasized the importance of his own directorial language and his willingness to accept criticism and learn from it, focusing on the next steps in his career.

Regarding future projects, Jung Woo-sung mentioned his desire to explore different genres and delve into human psychology. He aims to continue surprising audiences with unexpected choices and create work that offers endless possibilities.

‘Guardian’ stands out as a remarkable film that defies conventions. Jung Woo-sung acknowledges the challenges faced by Korean filmmakers and their tendency to prioritize commercial success. However, he believes that progress comes from taking on new challenges and providing audiences with unique experiences.

As Jung Woo-sung continues to make a name for himself as a multi-talented entertainer, his passion and dedication remain unwavering. He enjoys engaging with the public through various platforms like variety shows, not only for promotional purposes but also to connect with audiences in a different way. His appearances on shows like ‘Running Man’ and ‘SNL Korea’ reflect his desire to balance seriousness with laughter and bring joy to others.

Jung Woo-sung’s recent special appearances in films such as ‘Ungnam’ and ‘Sweet Sea: 7510’ demonstrate his commitment to work on projects that inspire him, regardless of personal connections. He values every opportunity to contribute, even in a short cameo role, and strives to make a meaningful impact.

As audiences eagerly await Jung Woo-sung’s next move, he embraces the challenge of choosing diverse and impactful projects, hoping that ‘Guardian’ will also be a part of their selection.

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“I jumped into the directing challenge without thinking about it.”

Last year, Lee Jung-jae’s directorial debut ‘Hunt’ witnessed the birth of a new film director. Actor Jung Woo-sung, following his best friend Lee Jung-jae, threw a ticket to debut as a film director and finally showed the first line to the audience (released on the 15th).

Jung Woo-sung not only directed ‘Guardian’ but also took the lead role. The film is an action film that depicts the story between Soo-hyeok (Jung Woo-sung), who wants to live a normal life after knowing the existence of his daughter who was released from prison after 10 years, and the some that target it. Jung Woo-sung expressed a deep inner dilemma where various emotions come and go, including regret and guilt for the past and a determined will to eliminate bad associations, and enhance the sense of immersion through emotional action. An unpredictable story centered on Jung Woo-sung, with a feast of four-person, four-color villains, including Park Seong-woong as the head of the organization Eung-guk, Kim Jun-han as the second president of the organization Seong-joon, and Woo -jin (Kim Nam-gil) and Jin-ah (Park Yuna), the duo hired by Sung-jun develop

‘Guardian’ recorded pre-sales in 153 countries worldwide, and achieved the feat of being officially invited by leading film festivals abroad such as the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, the 55th Sitges International Fantasy Film Festival, and the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival. Festival.

Director Jung Woo-sung said that he was able to complete the film ‘Guardian’ with a different determination through the perseverance of ‘Jung Woo-sung. He said, “‘Jung Woo-sung is like me’, the first instruction was to tell the staff in the pre-production stage, ‘Don’t look for references’. During the meeting, no scenes were taken as references from other films .That’s why ‘Finding’ was realized and visualized. ‘Let’s read the script and be faithful to the emotions I feel’, I think this is what Jung Woo-sung is like as a director. I have to “all the videos and images needed to be in this scenario, and we believe that is the answer for us. As a result, the tone and manners of ‘Guardian’ were decided naturally, and the color of each character was also clear.”

As a veteran actor with 30 years of debut, director Jung Woo-sung showed a solid direction with his years of experience, which led to the formation of a strong trust with his colleagues involved in ‘Guardian’, and there was a satisfactory result very possible. . Regarding ‘new director’ Jung Woo-sung, Kim Nam-gil said, “Directing and direction were very clear, and communication with the actors was very smooth. It was a strong scene. “As an actor, I was liked that the direction for the character was detailed,” said Kim Jun-han, “‘Guardian’ is a unique and colorful film that only director Jung Woo-sung can make.”

Moreover, realizing a long-time dream, director Jung Woo-sung said, “I feel cool. As a director, in the way he controls the set, it shows his fellow actors and staff that ‘there are directors of this style,’ and continue to experience it and recognize it in the process. I accepted it. When the filming was over, satisfaction came from there. Apart from perfection, it was the process. It was a challenge that found its own meaning, so I don’t think it’s bad.”

Because he pours out everything, director Jung Woo-sung said, “As a director, I wanted to put Director Jung Woo-sung’s own language in ‘Guardian’, but I’m sure that my first choice of language, and I don’t regret anything about that. doing my best. Whatever the result, ‘Why did you put it this way?’ I am confident to accept any criticism humbly, and instead of being upset about it, I think about what kind of language to adopt next. people have high expectations after watching the trailer for ‘ Guardian’, but such a typical fun film No. It can’t be that kind of film, and there are already high-quality masterpieces, but I don’t think I need to reproduce That’s why I did it with ‘Jung Woo-sung’ ,” speaking confidently about his directing philosophy.

In addition, director Jung Woo-sung pointed out the difference, saying, “As a person who really loves Korean movies, the sense of resistance mixed with concerns was a factor that made the character of ‘Guardian’.”

He said, “As a filmmaker who really loves films, I was troubled because at some point, we, filmmakers, added commercial modifiers to the way we approached the material, and felt like we were losing our sense of challenge. to new things. also because I want to. Of course, it is difficult and difficult, but isn’t there progress when there is a challenge? And I took up the challenge in the sense of giving the audience endless possibilities.”

With this in mind, one can’t help but be curious about the next steps of Jung Woo-sung, who has risen to the ranks of the ‘general entertainer’. He said, “As an actor, even looking at my filmography, I’m like, ‘Why did he choose that?’ There were so many unexpected choices. I’ve never tried to continue a similar character. That’s why I don’t plan to do the next directing work like ‘Guardian’. I’m inspired by the scenario and trying to find something that’ n suit him. I want to make work that digs into human psychology, and I’m thinking a lot about what genre to do next.”

Director Jung Woo-sung said, “‘Guardian’ is not a typical movie in a way, so I’m nervous about what kind of pleasure my new choice will give the audience. Every movie has a different personality, so it’s up to the audience to choose, hopefully ‘Guardian’ will also be included in the audience’s choice.”

Jung Woo-sing not only directing and acting, which is his main job, but also public relations activities, etc., and become a role model for many people. Although he has a thrilling ‘handsomeness’, he is not afraid of being cut, and his appearance of working hard every appearance in various shows has also always attracted attention.

When asked about the secret to not losing this passion, Jung Woo-sung said, “I really enjoy doing anything. If I don’t enjoy it, work feels like work and I can’t continue. I went to ‘Running Man’ in the past to promote a movie, and this time I appeared on ‘SNL Korea’, but whenever I appear on variety shows, rather than for publicity purposes, I want to communicate with the public in a different way to my work. goodwill ambassador for the Refugee Organization, it seems that I have a more serious image imprinted on me because my name is mentioned in social issues. But seriousness is important, but laughter is is also very important. So, I am very worried about the fatigue and worry about acting that gives laughs. I even have a lot of respect. I want to appear on ‘SNL Korea’ again. I’m so grateful to those who make me laugh, so I wonder if I’d like to appear on ‘SNL Korea’ again.”

In addition, Jung Woo-sung gave a big smile by making a series of special appearances from this year’s film ‘Ungnam’ (director Park Seong-gwang) to the competing film ‘Sweet Sea: 7510’ (director Lee Han), which was released on the same day as ‘The Protector’ on the 15th. Regarding this move, he said, “I choose the works in which I appear completely excluding personal relationship, but strangely, I cannot refuse to offer a special appearance. A special appearance in itself is a request that leads to personal feelings, and after much thought, Given that , has contacted me, I do so without fear. Even if I come out for a short time, I don’t want to be a nuisance or go out to play, so I tend to work as hard as possible.”

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