Jung Yong-jin, ‘NO Jung Yong-jin’ posted a photo and broke through the front… ‘OO’ instead of annihilation for North Korean missiles

picture explanationYongjin Jung, Vice Chairman of Shinsegae Group. [사진 출처 = 신세계]

The controversy over “destroy the communists” launched by Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin is not going away.

On the 11th, Vice Chairman Chung posted a poster of the ‘Jung Yong-jin boycott’ and posts related to North Korean projectiles one after another on his Instagram account.

First of all, Vice Chairman Jeong posted a poster of ‘No Jung Yong-jin’ this morning and wrote, “Please refer to it for work.” This poster was modeled after the 2019 boycott of Japanese products ‘NO Japan’ and has been spreading through various online communities and social media after the annihilation controversy. The phrase “Boycott Jung Yong-jin. I do not go. I do not buy” is written on it.

About 20 minutes later, Vice Chairman Chung posted another post. He posted a captured photo of an article that North Korea fired an unknown projectile presumed to be a ballistic missile into the East Sea at 7:27 a.m. on the same day, and wrote the phrase ‘OO’ in the content. Although he did not directly mention it, it is speculated that the two-letter blank implies ‘extinction’.

The poster of 'No Jung Yong-jin' posted on Instagram by Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin. [사진 출처 = 정용진 인스타그램]

picture explanationThe poster of ‘No Jung Yong-jin’ posted on Instagram by Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin. [사진 출처 = 정용진 인스타그램]

According to the industry, Vice Chairman Chung informed the insider that the day before, he would not make any further remarks. As the controversy spread to the political realm and Shinsegae stock price fell, the issue of ‘owner risk’ became a reality. In fact, the day before, Shinsegae shares plummeted by more than 8% during the day, and a boycott of Shinsegae groups such as E-Mart and Starbucks Coffee arose.

However, as Vice Chairman Chung posted two Instagram posts on the same day, it is expected that the remarks related to the annihilation may continue for the time being.

The public reaction is sharply divided into two parts. Some left messages of support on Vice Chairman Chung’s Instagram, such as “We’ll tell you instead, Geumgong”, “I support your convictions. Shopping at Shinsegae and E-Mart, and coffee at Starbucks”, while others said, “Businessman is a business. They are voicing criticism, such as “You can’t ignore the owner’s risk in the Korean stock market” and “Go to the military first.”

On the other hand, the controversy over the annihilation caused by Vice Chairman Chung began in November of last year. The spark was sparked when he posted a post on Instagram saying, “I hate the Communist Party.” As the public opinion criticized in some areas, Vice Chairman Chung heated up the controversy by posting posts related to the annihilation.

After that, when presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol posted a picture of buying anchovies and beans at E-Mart and posted the hashtag ‘egg, green onion, anchovy, soybean’, the controversy spread to the political arena. If you take the first letter of these hashtags, it becomes ‘Dalpa Deokkong’, which is a combination of the words ‘Dalpa’, which means supporter of President Moon Jae-in, and ‘Mukkong’, which means annihilation.

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