Jung Yong-jin, the evolution of ‘Extinction’… Ka Se-yeon pouring oil on ‘Ilbe’ in boycott of Shinsegae

[이데일리 이선영 기자] When the issue of ‘owner risk’ became a reality, such as the ‘destruction’ remarks started by Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin spreading to the political realm and the Shinsegae stock price falling, Vice Chairman Chung set out to solve the problem, saying, “I will not make any further comments.” .

In the midst of this, the YouTube channel ‘Garosero Research Institute (hereafter Ka Se-yeon) launched a support shooting for Vice Chairman Chung, but it is facing a headwind from netizens. This is because Ga Se-yeon gave a voice of support for him and showed the finger shape of the far-right online community ‘Ilbe’.

(Photo = Captured from YouTube’s ‘Garoseo Research Institute’)

On the 10th, the YouTube channel Ka Se-yeon performed a live broadcast wearing the uniform of SSG Landers, a professional baseball team owned by Vice Chairman Chung.

In the broadcast that day, lawyer Kang Yong-seok said, “The ruling party supporters say they boycott Starbucks.” “At first, they boycotted all Shinsegae affiliates, but they said that they boycott Starbucks because it is difficult not to go to E-Mart or other places. I wonder if there are three or four people around.”

Se-yeon Ga, the CEO of Se-yeon Kim, said, “So we went to the Starbucks in front of us and bought a tumbler worth 200,000 won. The employees like it,” he said, exposing Starbucks tumblers in front of the screen and defending Vice Chairman Chung.

Afterwards, the two hosts even smiled brightly as they made the hand shape of the far-right online community ‘Ilbe’ towards the camera.

The eyes of netizens who saw this are only cold. Users of the online community ‘The Coo’ said, “Jung Yong-jin barely explains and Ga Se-yeon is on fire.” “Now, every time I see the Starbucks logo, I think of that Ilbe photo.” Suddenly, I never want to go.” “I will just have to get a refund for the gift cards I had,” and sent a look of amazement.

Vice-Chairman Jeong was also caught watching ‘Musical Park Jeong-hee’ produced by Ka Se-yeon last year, and showed off their closeness by commenting on each other on social networking services (SNS). In June of that year, while Vice Chairman Jeong used the expression “I’m sorry and thank you” and became controversial, ‘Ka Se-yeon’ praised him, saying, “It’s so cool.” In November of last year, he even left a comment on his Instagram saying, “Look at Ga Se-yeon.”

Jung Yong-jin, Vice Chairman of Shinsegae. (Photo = Yonhap News)

Vice Chairman Chung, who has been making remarks such as “I hate the Communist Party” and “Destroying the Communist Party”, captured an article with a picture of Chinese President Xi Jinping on the 6th and added hashtags such as “Destruction”, “Anti-aircraft counterintelligence” and “Successful reunification”. put it on

As the controversy spread, Vice Chairman Chung explained, along with a photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, that “‘Destruction’ was aimed at the children (North Korea) living above us, not China.”

On the 8th, at Shinsegae E-Mart, the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who saw this, posted hashtags such as anchovies and beans with a picture of Jangbo at Shinsegae E-Mart. Others participated in the ‘Destruction Challenge’ of Vice Chairman Chung.

After the New Year’s press conference at a cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seoul on the 11th, Candidate Yoon responded to a reporter’s question, “Is there any political intention for using the anchovy and soy hashtag?”, “I have never used any hashtag or anything like that. ” gave a rather vague answer. This is interpreted to mean that the working-level manager was not familiar with the concept of hashtags by managing social media in order to deny political intentions.

In response, the ruling party lawmakers and supporters launched a boycott in protest against the remarks of Vice Chairman Chung’s ‘Destruction’. On the 11th, Nam Young-hee, spokesperson for the Democratic Party’s election committee, posted a photo of a visit to a ‘neighborhood cafe’ on Facebook and said, “The best coffee is local coffee. Each cafe has its own taste and aroma, and you can meet wonderful young people.” As hashtags, ‘Coffee Restaurant’ and ‘Adubyeol Cafe’ were posted. ‘Adue’ is a French word used to say goodbye, and Byeol Cafe is a nickname for Starbucks.

On the same day, Rep. Kim Yong-min of the Democratic Party of Korea also posted a photo of visiting a local cafe, saying, “Coffee is the best coffee in the neighborhood.” Starbucks didn’t mention it, but they added ‘farewell’ with a hashtag.

The same party lawmaker Jin Seong-joon also shared an article the day before by Kim Ho-gi, a professor of sociology at Yonsei University (Prime Minister’s Special Advisor for Social Affairs), and wrote, “I don’t plan to go to Shinsegae Department Store, E-Mart, or Starbucks.” Professor Kim said on Facebook, “What I do not agree with is the old and outdated color theory. I want to use my rights as a consumer.”

Taste columnist Hwang Gyo-ik, who is classified as a passport-oriented person, also expressed his intention to join the boycott the day before, saying, “I will give up Starbucks’ space to the Taegeukgi unit or Ilbe.” Hyun Geun-taek, spokesman for the Democratic Party’s election campaign, wrote on Twitter on the 9th, “I will not drink Starbucks coffee from now on.”

In the end, Vice Chairman Chung said on the 10th, “I will live and die as a businessman, so don’t have political luck” and set out to extinguish the fire.

At the time, he was the one who informed the insider that “I will no longer make such remarks,” but Vice Chairman Chung posted a captured photo of an article the day before that ‘an unknown projectile presumed to be a ballistic missile was fired into the East Sea at 7:27 a.m. on the 11th.’ In the content, the phrase ‘OO’, which implies ‘destruction’, was once again sparking controversy. He later deleted the post.

In addition, Vice Chairman Chung uploaded a poster of ‘No Jung Yong-jin’ with phrases criticizing him and changed the post that said “Please refer to it for work” to “Who should refer to it for work”. The image uploaded by Vice Chairman Chung imitates the poster of ‘No Japan’ at the time of the boycott in Japan in 2019, and is rapidly spreading online after Vice Chairman Chung’s ‘Destruction’ remarks became controversial.

In the stock market the day before, the stock price of Shinsegae Group fell 6.80% from the previous trading day, and Shinsegae International also renewed its 52-week low during the day and plunged 5.34%.



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