Jung Yong-jin’s remarks as a presidential election issue… ‘Anchovy Challenge’ vs ‘Ilbe Play’


Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin intentionally or not, as a result, the ‘destruction’ remarks became a ‘election issue’. And it caused an ‘ideological debate’. The power of the people is being actively utilized. It spread to the ‘Anchovy Challenge’, where you put anchovies and beans in your shopping cart. The Democratic Party called it “a game like Ilbe.”

By Bae Jung-jin, staff reporter.


Last weekend, Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon’s actions suddenly turned into a controversy over ‘Destruction’.

It gave rise to the interpretation that buying eggs, green onions, anchovies, and beans while shopping at a large mart run by Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin means ‘destroying’.

Candidate Yoon was wary of expanding interpretations, saying that he only shopped at a nearby mart.

[윤석열/국민의힘 대선후보 : (제가) 멸치 육수를 많이 내서 먹기 때문에, 멸치 자주 사는 편이고요. 아침에 콩국 같은 거 해놨다가 많이 먹기 때문에 콩 늘 많이 사는 품목 중에 하납니다.]

At the same time, he also made remarks that seemed to be conscious of the deletion of Vice Chairman Chung’s ‘Destruction’ post.

[윤석열/국민의힘 대선후보 : 우리가 표현의 자유로서 보장하고 있는 것이기 때문에, 그런 부분이 잘 지켜지는지 안 지켜지는지가 이 나라가 자유와 민주에 기반한 국가인지 판단할…]

Since then, the so-called ‘Anchovy Bean Challenge’ has spread in the power of the people.

Former floor leader Na Kyung-won posted a picture of buying anchovies and beans at the same mart as candidate Yoon, and former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung also revealed eating anchovies and beans.

The Democratic Party protested, saying it was an outdated color theory.

[송영길/더불어민주당 대표 : 윤석열 후보 선대위가 최근에 무슨 달걀, 파, 콩, 멸치 이런 거 사면서 일베 같은 놀이를 하고 있는 것 같습니다.]

Even within the people’s power, there were voices calling for restraint.

[이준석/국민의힘 대표 : 후보의 정책적인 행보가 최근에 아주 좋은 평가를 받고 주목받고 있는 상황 속에서 이념적인 어젠다가 관심받는 상황을 주변에서 만들지 않았으면…]

[원희룡/국민의힘 선대본부 정책본부장 (TBS 라디오 ‘김어준의 뉴스공장’) : 저도 사실 썩 동의하기는…(그렇죠.) 좀 그렇습니다.]

An official from the fleet headquarters explained that the candidate’s attempt to deliver a lightly witty message was interpreted as an expanded aspect.


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