“Jungkook pilot held the control stick to the end to avoid private houses”

Military officials examining the fuselage of a crashed fighter jet

picture explanationMilitary officials examining the fuselage of a crashed fighter jet

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It is known that the pilot of an Air Force F-5E fighter jet that crashed while taking off from the base to perform a mission did not let go of the control stick until the end to avoid a private house, even though he had time to escape.

According to the Air Force on the 13th, the accident investigation revealed that the late pilot, Major Sim Jeong-min (29), fought without letting go of the control stick until the moment of death to prevent damage to the private house during the plane crash on the 11th.

As a result of the investigation so far, the F-5E that the deceased was flying on the 11th after taking off from Suwon Base, Gyeonggi Province, while ascending, the engine fire warning lights on the left and right of the aircraft turned on and the aircraft descended sharply.

At that time, Major Sim prepared an emergency evacuation procedure by declaring ‘eject’ twice in communication with the control tower, but failed to escape and eventually died.

The plane crashed just over 100 meters from a village with several houses.

The Air Force believes that Major Shim missed the emergency evacuation time by turning the nose toward the hill without letting go of the control stick to the end to prevent the fighter from going down toward the private house.

The Air Force said, “As a result of analyzing some flight recorders so far, it is determined that the pilot crashed into a hill 100 meters away from a private house while holding the control stick to the end without attempting to escape to avoid a number of private houses,” the Air Force said.

The deceased Major Sim Jeong-min

picture explanationThe deceased Major Sim Jeong-min

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In particular, it was reported that there was about 10 seconds of time between Major Sim Shim’s emergency evacuation and the crash. The Air Force explained that 10 seconds is not enough time for the pilot to activate the emergency escape device to escape.

In fact, it is observed that the emergency escape device of the fighter could have escaped immediately if it had been operated with a new model that was replaced in 2013.

At that time, it was reported that the situation in the automatic flight recorder of Major Sim Sim breathing hard without releasing the control stick to the end while the aircraft was descending was recorded in the automatic flight recorder.

The Air Force mourned, “The deceased was an exemplary soldier who loved the sky enough to receive a commendation for his achievement in national training in November last year and was proud of being an Air Force member.”

Commissioned in 2016 with the 64th Air Force Academy, Major Shim died on the 11th of last year after flying the F-5, a lightweight fighter, as the main aircraft for five years. It was our first year of marriage, so it made everyone around us sad.

Major Shim has been focusing on flight research since his days as a student pilot, completing flight training with excellent grades, and his skills as a fighter pilot were outstanding.

According to the Air Force, he has contributed greatly to maintaining the combat readiness of the wing by controlling the operational schedule as an operational officer and air operations of the 10th Fighter Wing, and has led the battalion atmosphere in a cheerful manner with a positive and positive attitude that takes the lead even in difficult and bad days.

The deceased is said to have often said, “I want to live as a fighter pilot forever.”

The Air Force promoted the deceased from Captain to Major.

The funeral ceremony for Major Shim will be held at 9 a.m. on the 14th at the Air Force’s 10th Fighter Wing.

The funeral ceremony will be held as the commander of the unit in the presence of the bereaved family, fellow pilots and unit soldiers, and the remains will be buried at the National Cemetery in Daejeon.


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