Junior high school students played hard, couldn’t finish clearing, picked up the scramble. Knife stabbed in the middle of the school, 1 dead, 3 injured

Junior high school students violently tease each other Cleared and not fit Pick up the scrambles Draw a knife in the center of the famous Sisaket school, 1 dead, 3 injured

Reporters reported that on May 29, the past. A shocking incident In the middle of a famous school in Sisaket province When grade 1 and grade 2 students were arguing to the use of weapons. “knife” Stabbed until there were deaths and injuries, teachers went to help students who were stabbed. But it turns out that the student had been stabbed in several places in the body. Causing the death of 1 student

On the other hand, another group of students clashed with each other, 3 people were injured, and 2 were seriously injured. The school told investigators to take legal action. As for those who were seriously injured, they were sent to Sisaket Hospital.

For the reason that between A. (pseudonym) a Master B. (pseudonym) teasing each other during lunchtime by playing boxing But it became clear that they were playing very violently, with Master A having played violently, making Master B very angry. Sitting in front of the class with a group of them to clear things up. But it is not clear.

Master B then picks up the scuffle to fight with Master B before Master B pulls out a knife that is carried with him, stabbing Master A many times in the chest and body in several places. Causing Dr A to fall into a pool of blood and die on the spot while others were injured. The teacher kept DC B on the spot.

Later, police officers jointly examined the scene and took DB into custody to prosecute, DB admitted that he had actually stabbed DA with a knife. because of personal anger

While the relatives of Dr. A. their grief for the loss. go to heaven

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