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“Jurin” is ready to meet “ASEAN Summit” – wait for the “Don” set of committees to knock on the CPTPP knot

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“Jurin” supports the opening of the country Finding a balance to fight COVID-19 Coupled with the economy revealed 26-28 Oct. Meeting “ASEAN Summit” Brunei sends timber to Cambodia. Suggests “ASEAN” join forces to cope. “Trade War”, a group of great powers, waiting for the “Don” set of committees, knocking on the conclusion of CPTPP

On October 20, 2021 at Hat Yai International Airport, Songkhla Province, Mr.Jurin Laksanawisit headDemocratic Party (National Democratic Party) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce gave an interview to reporters before visiting the area “Jurin On Tour” in Satun, Phatthalung and Trang provinces that next week will bemeetingASEAN Summit On October 26-28, 2021, Brunei hosted and after the meeting The ASEAN Chair will be handed over to Cambodia. Key issues in this meeting There are many circles besides the ASEAN Summit. There will be meetings between ASEAN, China, Korea, US, Japan, Australia, East Asia. India and Russia, etc., will have discussions, especially during the ASEAN Summit, which is a meeting of the country’s leaders. There will be both political Economic and social issues, such as the discussion of the COVID situation, the BCG model to move forward with the green economy. ASEAN’s position on the Indo-Pacific region Creative role in the situation in Myanmar Cooperation in innovative technology between ASEAN and other countries, including creative solutions to problems in the Korean Peninsula, etc.

Mr. Jurin said that the main principle will be a matter of the BCG model (Bio-Circular-Green Economy), which will have several ministries involved. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will play a key role. Economic matters will be a component because it is one of 3-4 major issues, including politics, economy, security, etc. He thinks that Thailand, including ASEAN, must closely monitor the situation. One issue is the trade conflict and global politics between superpowers. The economy, including the US, EU, China, Australia, France, are in trouble now. He would like to see ASEAN closely following this matter because in addition to having a political impact on the region. may have economic consequences. Thailand and ASEAN should have discussions to establish a common position. in order to have the power to monitor the situation and move forward with the economy

The Democratic Party leader also said that CPTPP There are also disagreements. The private sector wants to move forward Civil society is also controversial. But one thing he had proposed and said at the Cabinet meeting was that we should take at least two issues. Determining the conclusions proposed by the committees of the House of Representatives on what issues each ministries and departments involved have to complete or how many homework assignments are required. The committee of Mr. Don Pramudwinai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs that the Council of Ministers assigned should have a conclusion on this matter that How many homework assignments does one ministry have? In order to come to a conclusion that the various government agencies are ready, how many percentages? will be taken for further consideration. Second issue Mr. Don’s committee There should be a mutual understanding between the parties that still have disagreements in order to make the decision to proceed with the best interests.

“For the opening of the country, all units involved must proceed with the policy and all parties must be prepared. For moving forward in accordance with the policy For they think that solving the problem of covid and the economy must go hand in hand. We can’t leave one thing behind. Importantly, when the Covid situation is relatively stable and lighter He thinks that everyone’s mission is We must lead the economy through the COVID crisis. This is an important matter, so the main factor is where is the balance between solving the COVID crisis and the economy? We should walk that way. for mutual benefits,” said Mr. Jurin.


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