Home Business “Jurin” pushes to export products to meet the world’s mega-trends to generate income Focusing on lifestyle products, food, service businesses, Siam Rath

“Jurin” pushes to export products to meet the world’s mega-trends to generate income Focusing on lifestyle products, food, service businesses, Siam Rath

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Mallika Boonmeetrakul Mahasuk, adviser to the Minister of Commerce, revealed that Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, has ordered the Department of International Trade Promotion. Ministry of Commerce Make an expedited plan to export more products that meet the world’s mega-trends. Because it is considered the future of Thai exports. and is a high value product It can increase income for farmers, producers, entrepreneurs and make more money into the country than just exporting primary products.

The products that need to be further promoted and developed are lifestyle products. developed from waste materials or agricultural residues and good quality waste from industrial sources that are processed and designed into creative new products. Products in the processed food group, processed agricultural products and non-food products that have been developed in environmentally friendly packaging (circular packaging) to meet the megatrend BCG Economy (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) circular economy and the green economy is Economic Model for Sustainable Development by having to develop and promote marketing through public relations To create awareness and create an image of Thai BCG products in the international market

In addition, emphasize the importance of future food, which consists of 4 main groups: 1. functional food 2. novel food 3. medical food (medical food) and 4. .Organic food (organic food) to meet consumer behavior in various aspects such as boosting the body’s immune system. for individual nutrition for good mental health for a new form of nutrition that does not consume meat-based foods (Plant-based) and elderly food, etc. The main target export markets are the US, China, Japan, Australia.

At the same time, focus on vegetarian food. that has a tendency to continuously improve Especially the Indian market, halal products, which are not just food. but includes fashion and apparel products, cosmetics, targeting markets in Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, etc., and non-Muslim domestic markets But there are many Muslims living such as India, China, Russia, etc., including herbs and cosmetics that are growing well. with target markets such as China, Vietnam, Russia

service business Emphasis is placed on promoting high-value service businesses, such as health services such as spas, hospitals, specialized clinics. Elderly care center Health and beauty products health tourism Digital content such as games, characters, software, solutions, animations, advertisements, post-productions, movies and related businesses. To push Thailand to be a source of outsourcing of high-end jobs and is the IP leader of the Asian market.

for other service businesses to focus on international education services franchise business Publishing, packaging, start-ups, construction, events, engineering and architecture to strengthen and drive Thailand to be the center of Trade Supporting Services in the ASEAN region. and logistics by promoting international logistics service providers To push Thailand to be the center of logistics in the ASEAN region. including Thai restaurant business in foreign countries which is a business that Thailand is outstanding By focusing on restaurants that have received the Thai Select logo by organizing activities to promote the Thai Select brand and promotional activities with Thai Select restaurants abroad to support the recovery of the affected Thai restaurant business abroad. Affected by the spread of COVID-19 and using Thai restaurants as a channel to export Thai food ingredients and seasonings

while products that benefit from the COVID-19 situation To accelerate further exports such as agricultural products and food, both human food and pet food. Work-at-home related products and products related to infection prevention and health and hygiene Including products that have increased demand from the recovery of the global economy, such as parts of equipment and automotive components. electrical appliances gems and jewelry building materials Agricultural machinery, textiles, rubber products, etc.

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