Jurin still doesn’t know Chitpat bond Posted: PPTVHD36

Jurin still doesn’t know Chitpat’s bond. Post to cut, say, beat, order, MPs, roster It’s about making pymari. The executive committee decided to note that the meeting knew about the appearance of 100 party list names for sure.

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade as leader of the Democratic Party He mentioned the case of Ms. Chitpat Kritsadakorn, one of the leaders of the Democratic Party. Post a hurtful message via Facebook. Wherever he sees the value and our work he doesn’t yet know, including not knowing he posted messages in party mode

private chat section regarding standing as an MP in the party list system Mr. Jurin Ms. Chitpat, he asked to be an MP in the party list system. But he has not seen such a message.

ready to confirm that they have never discussed graduation Because the party will take care of everyone fairly and properly.

Which is the principle, but all of them must attend the party’s executive committee meeting, which will meet tomorrow, March 29. As for the criteria, they already exist according to the principles that have been used in all yes the party has a clear system of regulation where everything seems fair and appropriate because the party has people with knowledge and ability and many older people including the new generation Therefore, it must be mixed together. Give up the Democratic Party.

As to whether there will be an understanding with Ms Chitpat or not. Mr Jurin said he still did not know the matter. I only knew when the reporter came to inquire. so still unable to answer At the party’s executive committee meeting tomorrow, we will know who the 100 names of the party list MPs are. due to the results of the primary schools voted in the party Regarding the order of the executive committee, the party will allocate who should be in which order.