Just a random group of Republicans'? CNN does not tell the whole story about a loving panel

Just a random group of Republicans'? CNN does not tell the whole story about a loving panel

There is no question that the CNN women's panel who interviewed President Trump had a great deal of liking and do not think that it was racist, despite a similar resolution on Tuesday. And there is no question of women, as CNN identified them, "Republicans."

But the network lost a number of other things to tell its viewers about the women who put it on the Tuesday night and Wednesday evening in an item that surveyed their reaction to Trump criticism.

Twenty-five women were members of a group organized to promote Thrump. The group invites the Palm Beach Trumps Team in America 2019, although CNN and Randi Kaye correspondent did not mention anything about such a group. The anchors, including Anderson Cooper, did not introduce Kaye's report.

The network identified the panellists individually, and their names on the screen next to the word “Republican.” Kaye did not give any indication that the women knew each other and that there was a common cause. at them.

As a result, the segment found that CNN had put together a panel that would reflect a cross-section of opinion from Republican women on the cross between Trump and four other color Democratic conferences, which Trump said to “go back”. to their own countries in Sunday tweets despite the fact that the four are American citizens.

Instead of a cross-section, however, the Trumps were clearly one-minded.

“He was saying that they hate America if they hate America – because they saw them and listened out of them,” said panel Dena Miller, claiming Trump's defense. “If it's so bad, there are lots of places that they can go.” She insisted that the four women are not covered by white people. Come on! They are racist. ”

Speaker Cami Dean said, “We know the president is not racist. He loves people, from Hispanics, black people, around the world. ”

And the third panel, Gina Briant, defended Trump himself, arguing that the female colleagues are the people who stir up hatred and division.

The network also did not mention that the Trumps were interviewed on CNN twice previously, and that they also came reliably to support Trump on these occasions.

'Triantette Peaches' was seen; and 'Trumpette Peaches'; on CNN in September when they said favorably on a reconciliation campaign of the Republic of Ted Cruz Community. In that segment, CNN recognized them as members of a group called Texas Women for Trump Coalition.

In January of last year, Kaye interviewed the Briana, Miller and Coates for a piece before Trump's State of the Union speech. The interviews were told about what he alleged to the porn actress, Stormy Daniels, and he revealed that he paid her to stay quiet about it. His membership was not mentioned there either.

O'Brien said to Kaye that Trump was still there too. “You know, the stories that make up all the good things he is doing for the American people,” she said. “Instead of hearing that, we hear all the news from someone who is not credible, from a stripper porn star.”

Kaye and CNN representatives did not respond to numerous requests for Wednesday's comments.

CNN's lack of exposure to the Trumpette group is “audience fraud,” said Edward Wasserman, at the University of California at Berkeley journalistic school, in an interview. He suggested that the network was hiding the identity of the group to cover the lack of news value in the interview and to provide “something like a balance” against Trump criticism that CNN is anti-Trump.

The Association of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics advises journalists to provide a proper context for news stories and to “Take care not to misrepresent or mitigate a story in terms of promoting a story, previewing or summarizing it. The public are entitled to as much information as possible to assess the reliability and motivation of sources. ”

In an interview, Fred Brown, a member of SPJ's Ethics Committee, said, “I don't see any good reason why CNN does not recognize the affiliation of these women. It is a useful source of information to help viewers evaluate the motivation and attitudes of women. ”

But he said, “It doesn't seem like a conscious attempt to hide anything. [It’s] incomplete reporting. ”

On their own, the Trumps seemed to be happy with the way the CNN segment came out, being placed on the Facebook page. But it seems that not all of them were happy with CNN, which again put Trump again as “fake news”. On Facebook, the group enabled viewers to view its members “Defent [sic] the President of the Anti-Tump [sic] Show News CNN Show. ”


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