Just a suggestion! Van Gaal objected and never threatened Timber not to sign Manchester United.

Former Red Devils boss Van Gaal has been linked with threats against Timber to move to Old Trafford, saying he will not get enough playing time. and it can lead to the team giving up Flying Dutchman Yes

“I believe a player like him has the quality to play in the Premier League, it’s not a problem. But if he wanted to take another step at the moment it was a problem I don’t think it’s smart to go to United, he has to play. Van Gaal spoke to the media in May.

In the end, Timber, who was Erik ten Hag’s first target, decided to drop plans to join the Red Devils by opting to play with Ajax as usual.

In such a case, Timber is a versatile defender who can play at right back. And the referee denied earlier this month that Van Gaal had not blocked his move to the Premier League.

“A lot of what the media write is not true, as they say, Louis van Gaal told me not to move to Manchester United, he said I would play there.”

As of September 20 at the latest, LVG, who are lined up to take the team to play against Poland and Belgium in the League of Nations this month before relinquishing the seat after the 2022 World Cup, have confirmed that he has never banned players from moving the club But he is only giving advice.

“I would like to say something bluntly. Of course, I called the players to talk. But he gives advice. you must know yourself And you must decide for yourself.” Van Gaal confirmed

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