Just divorced! A man won 50 million baht in the lottery and refused to tell his wife but secretly transferred to his ex-wife

For that life Honesty and trust are important. The story of Lin Mrs who caught a man like Mr. Zhou won the lottery without informing her In addition to sharing part of the money secretly to transfer to his ex-wife This work says only divorce!

On 1 February, the Longwan District People’s Court, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province There was a verdict for Mrs. wins the divorce case

The report said that Zhou won 10 million yuan (about 15 million US dollars) in the lottery After tax, he received 8.43 million yuan (about 1.4 million US dollars), Mr. Zhou handed over 2 million yuan (about 10 million US dollars). ) to his sister and transferred 700,000 yuan (about 3.5 million baht) to his ex-wife to buy a house.

When she caught Mrs. Lin, she was furious. Because their relationship is very inconsistent. The more she saw this, the more discouraged Mrs Lin became. He also made a big misunderstanding. Finally, he can’t stand it Then Mrs. Lin filed for divorce. prepared to divide marital property and demanded Zhou pay two-thirds of the money he secretly transferred to his sister and ex-wife.

after a trial the court found that their relationship had been irretrievably broken. So he allowed the divorce and the division of the matrimonial property. In addition, it was considered that the financial award that Mr Zhou received was property obtained during the marriage. It is indeed marital property, so the court ordered Mr. Zhou to pay Ms. Liu the money. It is 60 percent of the money transferred to my sister and ex-wife.

After the story was published Netizens said as “Secretly, I have a heart for my ex-wife. Why not get married again? Still going to hurt the current wife “” There is already disagreement in the relationship. But the lottery makes the rift even more serious.” “Money ruins feelings,” “This kind of guy doesn’t deserve a family,” and “He really does. one dares One is not ashamed to accept So why did you divorce in the first place?”

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