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Just now, Huachenyu Studio issued a statement | Daily Economic News

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On the evening of May 13th, Hua Chenyu Studio forwarded the commissioned law firm’s statement that on May 8, 2021, Douyin user “Director Zhou Guogang” (Tik Tok number: zhouguogang12345) contained a short video released on the Douyin platform A large number of false remarks directed at Mr. Hua Chenyu, such as “Hua Chenyu actually has a child… and another little female celebrity”, etc. The relevant false remarks were quickly reposted by users on platforms including Douyin and Sina Weibo. The proliferation has seriously damaged Mr. Hua Chenyu’s personal reputation, objectively reduced Mr. Hua Chenyu’s social evaluation, and is suspected of infringing on Mr. Hua Chenyu’s right of reputation.Request the court to order the defendant to publicly apologize to Mr. Hua Chenyu, compensate for mental damage soothing money and related rights protection costs, etc. The above-mentioned cases are currently pending review.

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