Just one half-century in 10 innings; Gavaskar says Rohit’s form is a problem – Rohit, Kohli

Mumbai – Despite starting with a resounding win against arch-rivals Pakistan in the first match of the Twenty20 World Cup, veteran player Sunil Gavaskar expressed concern over captain Rohit Sharma’s poor form. Rohit, who scored just one half-century in the last 10 20 overs, was out for just four runs in the match against Pakistan as well. Gavaskar’s comment is that the form of Rohit, who is off zero in two of the last five Twenty20 innings, will tarnish India’s title chances.

“The biggest problem for India is that captain Rohit Sharma is not in his natural form. If Rohit is at his best then the rest is fine. Gavaskar pointed out that those who come to bat later do not put in much effort.

Rohit, who is also the opener of the Indian team, pointed out that the smooth progress of the Indian team is possible only if they lay a good foundation in the upcoming matches.

“The team expects the best foundation from the openers. Having the best foundation will make the work of those who follow easier. The 5th and 6th comers can play as many shots as they wish. If we need to, we can play big shots from the first ball.”

“If the foundation is strong then those who come after don’t have to take time to settle down in the crease. No need to waste time straightening out a shaky innings. We have seen the condition of India in the match against Pakistan where they lost four wickets in 31 runs’ – said Gavaskar.

“We’re starting slowly, but I think it’s okay. Isn’t losing just one wicket in 40 runs better than losing four wickets in 31 runs?”- asked Gavaskar.

English Summary: Rohit Sharma is a big worry for India, says Sunil Gavaskar

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