Just overnight! The zebra crossing is clear, like a dream, after the girl posted it. Asked the police and didn’t care.

Just overnight! The crosswalk was clear, like a dream, and the officers came down to paint. after the girl posted Asked the police and didn’t care. until netizens share criticize the performance

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case of a young woman Post messages via facebook On the morning of 27 Jan. Addressing the problem of pedestrian crossings where the color has faded to the point of being invisible But when I told the police, they didn’t care. and told to notify the Expressway Authority of Thailand instead

Later, when reporters came down to check it was found. such crosswalk in the area under the Ploenchit Expressway The crosswalk faded to the point of being almost invisible. and no traffic lights for pedestrians to cross Make it difficult for people walking across from Sukhumvit and Ploenchit.

Latest on 28 Jan. 65 Facebook page Sorayut Suthatsanachinda, news reporter Posted a picture with a message that the officers painted the problematic crosswalk until it was clear as before. Sorayut wrote a message stating that ‘Ploenchit’ Rao creates ‘Zebra Crossing’ back overnight.



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