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The popular MSN-04 in “Mobile Suit Gundam” should be familiar to everyone. But when the bright red MSN-04 is replaced by a large lobster shell, do you still Can you recognize him who is so handsome? A Twitter friend used lobster shells to make a “Lobster Sashabi”, which looks completely utterly innocent.

It is reported that the Twitter friend “Bed Storage @y_kasita” likes MSN-04 Sasabi, but also loves to make models. His mind flashes when he usually works in a restaurant and decided to collect materials to make MSN-04 Sasabi. In the play, the handsome MSN-04 with a special body for Ma Sha, Sha Shabi appears in the shape of a lobster shell, still looks handsome, but will marvel at the craftsmanship of this hand-made god. Because the lobster shell has a certain degree of hardness, it cannot be assembled in a natural state, and the original appearance of the lobster shell is completely different from the model. Sashabi removed the original model for reference, and cut out the required range of materials according to the parts. Remake.

The lobster shell itself is very hard and needs to be re-cut. It is not easy to make a very similar MSN-04 Sasha. But during the production process, the pusher found that the fit is getting higher and higher. This is also It gave him the inspiration to continue making. In addition, the promoters also worked hard during the production. In order to see if the proportions are correct, they need to be assembled while making them. It took 1 and a half years to complete the production using idle time.

The MSN-04 Sashabi using three lobster shells does not look very obtrusive, but the whole is quite exquisite. Compared with the prototype, the MSN-04 Sashabi lobster shell is also super-complete. I have to admire this one. The perseverance and patience of the gods.


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