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Health concerns, to a lesser extent, are also among the younger generation. However, for seniors, health is much more important than wealth or fame. Health expert Mike Zimmerman and his team recently conducted a health-related survey of 900 American seniors. It introduces the contents that seniors are curious about and the latest medical information is well organized.

If you get used to walking or walking
Swimming, training and yoga are also available.

Plank is good for back pain
If it bothers you, lunge and pickleball alternatives

There are many people who have suffered a lot of property damage due to the pandemic, but the damage to health is incalculable. Damage that cannot be converted into money is even more fatal, especially for seniors. Fortunately, the Zimmerman team’s survey found that the attitude to protect and restore health was particularly strong for seniors. The old saying that we should start with what we can do right now is in line with the saying that the path of a thousand miles starts with one step. We have compiled health questions that seniors are interested in in a question-and-answer format.

-There is a lot of information that introduces healthier foods, good doctors and medicines. What can I do today and what will be of great help to me by changing my lifestyle on a daily basis?

“Walking. Overall, if you’re not physically fit and just sitting, your risk of death is as high as, or more, higher than that of people with smoking, high blood pressure and heart disease. A study of ages 54 to 65 found that binge eating while watching TV for 4 hours or more per day increased the risk of dying. was found to be 35% more likely to develop blood clots in the body and legs.”

-Is the necessary exercise only a long walk? “That’s right. Studies have shown that moderate-intensity physical activity like walking is very good for your health. The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week. All you need to do is walk briskly for at least 20 minutes each day to be healthy. Once you get used to walking, you have the opportunity to switch to weight training, swimming or biking, or yoga.”

“It’s great to do the same activity every day for a long period of time,” said Dr Jordan Mezzle, a sports medicine expert. He added, “Especially when seniors engage in various activities, they stimulate the body, become healthy and prevent injuries.”

– Dislikes fitness clubs, loud music, and sweaty people. What are some ways to maintain or improve healthy mobility? “Try tennis or pickleball, a new sport that doesn’t put too much strain on your body. Your mobility is linked to your lower body and your whole body is interconnected. It moves and moves the hips, buttocks and legs from various angles. Basketball is another alternative. Seniors who lack athletic ability can do a lunge in which they move their body in different directions every morning.”

– Do you have any good ways to improve your health without sweating?

“Floss daily. According to the 2019 Global Burden of Disease Survey, untreated oral disease is responsible for 8 million people worldwide between the ages of 50 and 74.”

What are your fitness goals for people in their 50s?

“It’s great to dream of running a marathon. But even bigger goals are driven by simpler actions. You just have to start working out and don’t stop. You have to lay the groundwork and keep moving forward with the next 30 years in mind. Then you have to be more specific. can be set.”

– I’ve been exercising, but I’m not losing weight. why no results “Weight loss comes primarily from eating healthy foods and cutting down on junk calories. The benefits of exercise dramatically lower a number of age-related health risks, from bone loss to heart disease to back pain. It’s not just weight loss.”

– Joint pain after exercise. Do you have arthritis? “Motion pain goes away after a day or two. If you have osteoarthritis, you’re more likely to experience joint pain, swelling, and limited movement. Pain is often mistaken for arthritis. Building the muscles around your joints will improve your arthritis symptoms and help you more in the future. Arthritis symptoms are prevented.”

– I have suffered from back pain for years. Should she end her life with it? “No. It’s the other way around. You have to learn to live without back pain. Recent procedures have shown that some people who have suffered from chronic pain for a long time and have been cured can still produce pain signals in their brains. A new treatment is pain reprocessing.” The therapy teaches the brain to stop sending these signals. In a 2021 clinical trial, two-thirds of people who used the therapy for four weeks had no or nearly equal pain.”

-I have a bad back, is there any treatment? “Experts highly recommend the plank exercise. Lie face down on a mat. Bend your elbows and bring your hands under your chin. Then, lift your knees, hips and torso off the floor so your weight rests on your elbows and toes. Don’t let your stomach or hips sag. Hold this position for as long as possible and repeat twice.”

– I don’t enjoy growing old. can this be

“Studies show that feeling younger is associated with mental and physical health, cognitive abilities, and improved life satisfaction. A study that followed nearly 3,600 people over a decade found that having a high subjective age and depression also linked them to physical and psychological well-being later in life,” he said. It turns out to be more of a health problem. You need to enjoy getting older.”

– Trying to be ‘younger’ with a daily lifestyle. am i funny “No. Now, seniors can be seen as the generation that has redefined aging. The current age group in their 50s and 70s is the first group to develop a diverse lifestyle through better education and better health care. This is the age group of the previous generation. It is interpreted as behaving in a way that makes you look much younger than you are.”

-I want to do ‘whitening’, but is plastic surgery safe? “In 2020, there were 2.3 million procedures and a survey showed that 90% of patients were satisfied with the results. And in general, cosmetic surgery is safe. Studies of over 26,000 cosmetic procedures found that 1 in 1 patient Only % experienced complications 48 hours after surgery.”

– What does stress mean in life?

“A 2020 study found that people who experienced unbearable stress had an average lifespan of nearly three years shorter. Stress isn’t a problem, it’s a response to it. Eliminating the stressor or learning to cope with it in a healthier way. must live.”

– The husband refuses to talk about his health or go to the doctor. Is he hiding something?

“A Cleveland Clinic survey shows that half of men admit they don’t talk about their health. One clinical health psychologist said, “Not knowing you have a health problem can be better than the discomfort of knowing you have one.” “It’s better to stop nagging at my husband and try to convince him with a calm and loving atmosphere.”

By Jang Byeong-hee, staff reporter

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