Justin Verlander from Astros', Zack Greinke is bullying the options compared to Yankees if Game 7 is necessary

Justin Verlander from Astros', Zack Greinke is bullying the options compared to Yankees if Game 7 is necessary

HOUSTON – Houston Astros manager, A.J Hinch, had no ideas about making a panic move while trying to close out a Saturday night at Minsk Park.

The skipper did not even consider co-operating with Gerrit Cole to start a short break in game 6 of the American League Championship League instead of doing what the Yankees are doing and making it a bullpen game.

Also, Zack Greinke was unavailable on one day's rest and Justin Verlander, the lost pitcher in Match 5 on Friday, was not available.

What about Sunday night if the ALCS goes to Game 7?

Could the Astros use Greinke and / or Verlander behind Cole, and thus start to use their 59-16 counterparts this season in the same game?

“As the series develops, as the game develops, I will have all the information before me,” said Hinch before the Game 6. “Drama will build on whether these guys are available or not. yes, or maybe it does t.

“Perhaps we get tremendous pioneering and that we get coast and victory. That would be amazing. ”

Greinke spent 83 pitches working 4 1/3 appearing Thursday in New York when the Astros won 8-3 to take a 3-to-1 lead in the best of seven, then Verlander went to 105 on Friday night. when he allowed four races – all coming into the first time – over seventeen in a 4-1 Yankees victory that kept his season alive.

Cole put up seven speed machines and 112 played pitches in a game on Tuesday 3 at Yankee Stadium.

Greinke and Verlander did not relieve relief in their long careers.

Verlander had the only bullying trip in Game 4 of Astros' Divisional League against Boston in 2017 when he worked 2 2/3 incorporated and won the victory in a clincher series.

The only relief event that Greinke made in 2007 came when he appeared in 52 games and started at 14 stages of the Kansas City Royals.

Perhaps because Hinch Verlander started in game 4 of the ALDS against the rays on short rest and the decision was not working, Cole was kept back for a game that could make or die. .

“It wasn't really considered (for Game 6),” Hinch said. “I don't think it was necessary to return it to a three day rest. I think we can go with a bull day (in Game 6). And from the two games that Gerrit is more tired of for a three day break and a bullying day, say that we lose (Game 6), the negative impact of which is that there is not much parachute behind this. "

The Astros would like to play their chances in Game 7 and Cole, who is 19-0 with ERA 1.59 begins over the past 25 years, counting the playoffs with 258 strikes in 169 1/3 innings. It was 20-5 with a 2.50 ERA in the regular season before it allowed one run over 22 2/3 seizures to win its first three postseason start.

“I think Gerrit Cole is one of the best backup plans in a bubble, unlike the best backup plan in games. I don't want to use it. We want to close it (in Game 6).

“I never spoke (Cole about starting Game 6). From the moment the series was extended and I got it, I believe it was 2-1, after we won the first game, we mapped the series. When the rain occurred (Wednesday), we had to park Zack and JV and then the bullpen and then Gerrit for Game 7, if necessary. ”

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