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Jutathip wins track champ – ‘Seth. Ink’ is pleased with success in all aspects

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Jutatip Maneephan, Thailand’s champion in a two-wheeled battle win the royal trophy “Queens Sirikit” for the year 2021 went as expected. “Sek. Ink” was satisfied with the overall picture, successful in all aspects.

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Thailand Track Cycling Championship win the royal trophy “Queens Sirikit” for the year 2021 in a new way of life New Normal (no spectators) Field 5 at Velodrom Huamark Stadium on 27 June is the last day of competition. by organizing competitions under measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus According to the manual of the Cycling Association of Thailand under royal patronage approved by The Center for Management of the Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) or Prof. Strictly. along with special measures of the association with more concentration than before

“Sek. Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, president of the Cycling Association of Thailand, revealed that the association has organized all 5 races amid the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus. The association has carried out the organization under the measures of the CCC, especially strict. Athletes and teams cooperate very well. considered satisfactory success We are also getting more and more new athletes for both youth and youth, which is unexpected that these athletes will develop both skill and speed very well.

General Decha said that the Cycling Sports Association will select the best athletes from the results of the 5 fields to represent the Thai national team to participate in the international track cycling competition “UCI Track Asia Cup 2021” between 2-5 September and The 61th Anniversary of Thai Cycling Association on 6 September at Velodrom Stadium 2, Suphanburi Sports School In this regard, thanks to the member clubs to develop athletes to become the national team in the future The number of viewers of the Thaicycling Association Facebook Live broadcast in the morning reached nearly 20,000 views, while in the afternoon, there were millions of viewers of the Thai PBS broadcasting station (No. 3). According to statistics from Thai PBS, 60,000 concurrent screen viewers per minute

Prime Minister of two wheels of Thailand went on to say that For the preparation of a team of cyclists to participate in the 2020 Olympics in Japan, the latest “Beat” Lieutenant Colonel Jutathip Maneephan, who has the right to compete in the women’s road category. also perform well in track races Previously, he went to practice in Khao Yai. Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Chutathip has been practicing a lot. The coach staff has increased their skills in riding uphill. and strengthening the strength to be as ready as possible As for the goal, ask Jutatip to cycle until the end of the route and make good statistics. As for winning medals, it would be quite difficult, while “Nong Fah” Chutikarn Kitvanitsathien Which has the right to compete in the BMX Racing category, considering the practice, we have little time. Due to wasted time in quarantine up to 14 days after returning to compete in the World Cup Supercross in Colombia Now you have to try to fit your body in time. and train hard As for the hope, ask for the deepest round.

As for the track bike race, the last 5th field, athletes who have ranked in different places will receive 2 times the score of the final results. Interesting models are as follows: Sprint Team, Praying Class 1, “Beez” Lt. Col. Jutatip Maneephan and “Kai” Lt. Lt. Supaksorn Nantana from the Office of the Permanent Secretary. Ministry of Defense Combined power to win the championship with a time of 49.243 seconds, breaking the previous record set by the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense in 2019 at 49.548 seconds, at 2 Miss Yaowarat Chitmat and Police Lieutenant Pannarai Rasi from National Police Team-GOGI Time 50.881 seconds, 3rd Miss Kanyarat Norkaew from Government Savings Bank and Miss Watinee Luekajon from Fisherman Friends team at Dong Noi Temple Time 50.420 seconds

Sprint, female general model, 1st Miss Kanyarat Nhorkaew (Goverment Savings Bank), 2nd Lt. Lt. Lady Jutatip Maneephan (Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense), 3rd Miss Yaowarat Chitmat (National Police Office-GOGI) / Sprint, general male version, 1st. Col. Pongthep Thaphimai (Air Force Club), 2nd Sergeant Major Jaturong Niwanti (Army) , 3rd Lieutenant Colonel Wachirawit Saenkhamwong (Army)

Sprint, Young Women, 1st place, Miss Natthaphon Apimote (Bangkok Sports School & Roojai), 2nd place, Miss Ploypapat Srisaipai (Fisherman Feet Ronp Wat Dong Noi), the 3rd Miss Thiphawan Naprom (Bangkok Sports School & Java) / Sprint, the young male version 1, Mr. Manchet, Muenwai party (Suphan Buri Provincial Sports School – Sports Association of Suphan Buri Province), 2nd place, Mr. Phacharadit Phannaraksa (Fisherman Friend, 46th Phitsanulok Wing), 3rd Mr. Smith Thanompien (Fisher Friend (Wat Dong Noi)

3 km persuasion female general Thai women’s national team riders from the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence won all 1-3 places. The champion went to Sergeant Major Chaniphon Battiya at 4.05.600 minutes, second place, Sergeant Major Ying Phetdarin Somrat, at 4.09.546 minutes, at 3rd place, Sergeant Major Ying Supak Ron Nantana (won by knockout in the 4th round)

4 km persut, general male model, 1st Pol. Gen. Pathomphob Than (Air Force Club) time 4.47.432 minutes, 2nd Lt. Col. Sarawut Sirinachai (Army) time 4.53.225 Minute, 3rd Mr. Peerapong Lad-ngern (National Police Agency-GOGI) won by knock in the 6th round

Persuot, Young Women, 2 km., 1st Ms. Nattaphon Apimote (Bangkok Sports School & Roojai) 2.550.629 minutes, 2nd Ms. Nattanan Nontha Kaew (Fisherman Friends, Wat Dong Noi, Khok Kluea Wittayalai School) Time 2.55.708 minutes, at 3 Ms. Chitraphon Saising (Amnat Charoen Pittayakhom School – Chainat Provincial Sports Association) Time 2.57.915 minutes

Persut 3 km. Young men version 1, Mr. Phuridet Inthaphuo (Bangkok Sports School & Roojai) Time 3.42.470 minutes, 2nd Mr. Sekanan Maniam (Fisherman Friend, Wing 46 Phitsanulok) Time 3.46.469 minutes, 3rd place Mr. Thanayut Phawan (National Police Agency-GOGI) won by knockout in the 3rd round

Kirin, female general model, 1st Miss Yaowaret Chitmat (National Police Agency-GOGI), 2nd Pol.Lt. Col. Phannarai Rasee (National Police Office-GOGI), 3rd Lt. Col. Jutatip Maneephan (Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense). All race results can be followed on the website of the Cycling Sports Association. www.thaicycling.or.th

As for the total score of athletes who won the Thailand Championship has held the royal trophy of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Her Majesty the Queen The Queen Mother “Queens Sirikit” for the year 2021 in each model are as follows: General male, short term, Sergeant Major Jaturong Niwanti (Army) 322 points, male general model, medium term, Pol. Lt. Gen. Pathomphob Phon Arttan ( Royal Thai Air Force Club) 185 points, female general model, female lieutenant lieutenant Juthatip Maneephan (Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense), short-term youth male version, Mr. Manchet, Muen Wai (Suphan Buri Provincial Sports School – Sports Association of Suphan Buri Province) 302 points

Young male model, middle term, Mr. Phuridet Inthaphua (Bangkok Sports School & Roojai) 195 points, Young female model Ms. Nattaphon Apimote (Bangkok Sports School & Roojai) 562 points, youth Male, Mr. Kritanat Kaewnoi (Fisherman Friend, Wing 46 Phitsanulok) 412 points, young female version, Miss Parichart Polyiam (Fisherman Friend, Wat Dong Noi, Khok School Garlic Wittayalai), Senior 35-44, Male Mr. Ekkaphak Niraphatphong (Woodland Cycling) 240 points, Senior 35 and over, Male, Mr. Rungroj Smithiwirot (National Police Agency-GOGI) 230 points

Athletes who are champions of Thailand will have the right to wear a shirt with Thai flag pattern to compete in the Thailand Track Cycling Championship win the royal trophy “Queens Queen Sirikit” of the year 2022 In addition, the International Cycling Federation (UCI) has announced the fifth race on the calendar to be the CN level competition, with the winner of the individual personal race, Kirin, Tai. Individual Trials, Scrats, Individual Sprints, and Team Sprints Only for general male and female models will have the right to wear a shirt with the Thai flag pattern According to the rules of the UCI, compete in various programs in the 2022 season that are recognized by UCI around the world.

As for the award for the best athlete in the category of the year 2021, received the honorary trophy of Prida Chulamonthon. The result showed that the best female athlete was Miss Nattaphon Apimote (Bangkok Sports School & Roojai), top athlete. Visiting the men’s side, namely Lt. Gen. Pathomphob Phon Arttan (Air Force Club), while excellent trainer Received the honorary trophy Seri Trairat. It appears that the best female trainer is Miss Watinee Luekajorn, the best male trainer is Col. Jaratpong Niwanti, and the best fighter award is Mr. Peerapong Lad-ngern (National Police Agency-GOGI) received a plaque of honor.

For the next competition at the Cycling Sports Association Prepare for competitions, including road bike races Thailand Championship win the royal trophy “King Bhumibol” and mountain bike race Thailand Championship win the royal trophy King Bhumibol Adulyadej of the year 2021, 2nd field in a new way of life, New Normal (no audience) between 2-4 July in Mukdahan Province.

However, athletes who wish to apply to participate in the competition Including a license (license) or a license to compete can apply and register for license at the website of the association www.thaicycling.or.th You can apply from today until Wednesday, June 30 at 12.00 hrs. For accident insurance, the association has coordinated with insurance companies. “Roojai dot com” to set up a booth to serve on the competition day. Athletes can get accident insurance at a price of 60 baht. The policy covers the entire 3-day competition or inquire at Call 0-2719-3340-2 on official days and times.

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