“Jutatip” won the award for the best athlete at the 2022 Thailand Two-Wheel Track Championship

Monday, September 26, 2022

Captain Jutatip Maneephan, Thai national cyclist from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense Received the award for the best athlete in the track category for the year 2022. The best male category belongs to “Norasetthada Bunma” received from School Team Bangkok & Roojai sports the honorary trophy “Preeda Chulamonthon” in the two-wheeled track championship in Thailand, field 5, the last field. Athletes and member clubs work together very well. It is considered successful in creating new athletes according to the Cycling Sports Association’s strategic plan. Along with reminding all agencies to request permission to organize the competition correctly in accordance with the regulations. For the safety of the athletes, it is important that the association is happy to provide full support. while the live broadcast on Facebook Live Thaicycling Association has more than 15,000 views.

Thailand Championship track bike race won the royal trophy “Queens Sirikit” for the year 2022, field 5 (last field) during 23-25 ​​September at the Velodrome Stadium Within the Sports Authority of Thailand, Huamark, for the competition on September 25, is the last day to compete for 31 gold medals, which the Cycling Association of Thailand gives. under royal patronage Conducted a live broadcast on Facebook Live, Thaicycling Association has a home audience of more than 15,000 viewers and has viewers from neighboring countries such as Lao PDR, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. join the audience

“Seth Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Thailand Cycling Association who is on a mission to represent the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC) to attend the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the International Cycling Federation (UCI) in Australia. gave a telephone interview and Bicycle Sports Association All 5 Thailand Track Cycling Championships were completed, thanks to the athletes and member clubs for their cooperation. considered a satisfactory success In addition, we also have new athletes in youth and youth, increasing, many of them making better statistics. It is considered to be continuously evolving according to the Cycling Sports Association’s strategic plan in developing personnel and focusing on creating new athletes to replace the elderly After this, the staff of the Thai national team coach will consider athletes who are champions from different generations. and they have good statistics Become a Thai national team athlete to prepare to compete at an international level. including the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China in September 2023.

General Decha added that, at the same time, during the last quarter of 2022, there are different agencies, private companies or organizers. have requested permission to organize many bicycle races We would like to thank all the agencies that have issued a letter of permission to organize the competition correctly. the Cycling Sports Association Willing to give full support But the competition must be organized in accordance with the UCI rules and importantly for the safety of all athletes taking part in the competition The association will organize knowledgeable judges through UC training courses I going to carry out duties and manage the competition according to the accumulated If you have any questions, the race organizers can look at the rules on the Cycling Association website. www.thaicycling.or.th or ask for details at Call 0-2719-3340-2 on official days and times

For the results of the final field competition, the interesting models are as follows: Pursuet 3 km. Women’s version in 1 Ms Piyathida Thitchan, Fisherman’s Friend Team, Wing 46 Phitsanulok, time 4.07.701 minutes, On 2, Senior Sergeant Supaksorn Nantana , Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence, time 4.19.241 minutes, in 3 Miss Natthaphon Apimote, Fisherman’s Friends Chiang Mai team Competitors caught up in the 6th round

Pursue 2 km, young women’s version, 1st place, Miss Chitraphon Saising, Prime 19 team, Amnat Charoen Pittayakhom School – State Amnat Charoen Sports Association Time 2.52.417 minutes, 2nd place Miss Supicha Worawong Fisherman’s Friends team, Wat Dong Noi, Bang Bo Wittayakhom Time 3.01.278 minutes, 3rd place Ms Chanathip Ruchirat, Bangkok Sports School Team & Roojai Time 2.58.278 minutes

4 km, Km., People’s Generation, Pol 1st Sergeant Major Sakchai Pordangmuang, National Police – Koki Team Time 4.49.204 minutes, 2nd Senior Sergeant, Chaiyasombat Bank, Office of the Permanent Secretary. Ministry of Defense Time 4.47.604 minutes, 3rd place, Mr. Kevin Alexander Buck, LCC team Sai Ngam Insurance time 4.56.358 minutes

20 rounds of Scratch, People’s Class, 1st Pol.Lt. Col. Settawut Yodsuwan, Bikenet Liqui Moly Cycling Team, 2nd Pol. Lt. Col. Sakchai Pordang, Royal Thai Police Team – Koki, 3rd place, Mr Pongsin Polkla, Fisherman Friends Team, Dong Noi Temple, Thepsirin Pukhae School

Scratch 20 rounds, under 23 years, 1st male, Mr Pongsin Polkla, Fisherman’s Friends team, Wat Dong Noi, Thepsirin Pukhae School, 2nd Lt. Kittidej Chaimusik Army Bicycle team, 3rd, Mr Puttipong Chalermsrimuang National Police – Koki team

Sprint, female public model, 1st Lieutenant Colonel Phannarai Rasi, Royal Thai Police Team – Koki, 2nd Lieutenant Colonel Jutathip Maneephan, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence, at 2 pm S. Yaowaret Jitmat, Siam Technological College team

Sprint, 1st People’s Generation, Nitirut Kitpiriyakan Mr Royal Thai Police Team – Koki, 2nd Lt. Col. Wachirawit Saenkhamwong, Army Bike Team, Col. Pongthep Thaphimai, Air Force Cycling Team

Sprint Team, People’s Generation 1st Team, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense (Captain Jutathip Maneephan, Senior Sergeant Supaksorn Nantana, Senior Sergeant Ying Kanyarat Nokaew) Time 1.13.374 minutes, 2nd place Fisherman’s Friends team time 1.19.491 minutes , 3rd place National Police – Koki team time 1.24.034 minutes

Sprint team, men’s first class, Army cycling team (Pol. Lt. Col. Jaturong Niwanti, Lt. Col. Chetawan Sam-ngamma, Lt. Col. Wachirawit Saenkhamwong, Lt. Col. Wiriya Yapa) Time 1.03.655 minutes , 2nd. National Police Office – Kogi Time 1.05. 372 minutes, 3rd Army Bike time B 1.05.221 minutes

Sprint Team, Chiang Mai Fisherman’s Friends Youth Men’s Team 1st (Mr. Nonthasak Raksasri, Mr. Ratchanon Wong-in, Mr. Narumit Ritthikul, Mr. Techit Petchsuk) Time 1.08.793 2nd, Fisherman’s Friends team, Wat Dong Noi time 1.009 .259 minutes , 3rd place, Suphanburi Provincial Sports School team time 1.09.656 minutes For all results, follow the Cycling Sports Association website. www.thaicycling.or.th

As for the award for the best athlete in the category of the year 2022, he received the honorary trophy from Preeda Chulamonthon. The result showed that the best female athletes were “Captain Beez”, female captain Jutatip Maneephan from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence, elite athletes Visiting the men’s side was Mr Norasethada Bunma from the Bangkok Sports School Team and Roojai while the best coach. Received the honorary trophy, Seri Trairat, the best female coach appears to be Major Ying Chanpheng Nonthasin, the team coach of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence, the best male coach is Miss Watinee Luekajorn from the Bangkok Sports School team & Roojai

For the Thailand Cycling Championship 2023, Thailand Cycling Association All competition programs will be announced in early October. All types of track, road, mountain bike and BMX. including the international long-distance cycling race “Tour of Thailand 2023”, the international track cycling race “Track Asia Cup 2023” and the 2023 Asian Road Cycling Championship in the Asian Cycling Federation (ACC) entrusting Thailand to host the tournament


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