Juventus returned to form, defeating Salernitana 2-0 in Serie A

Italian Serie A football match 2021-22 season on Tuesday night, November 30, 64, interesting pair Salernitana, ranked 20th, the bottom of the table, open home for the visit of “Zebra “Juventus are 7th in the table.

The first half opened in the 21st minute, Juventus got a 1-0 lead from Paulo Dybala, then in the 28th minute Juventus almost got the second from Giorgio Chiellini, but VIEA Cech is an offside rhythm.

The first half is over, Salernitana is still 0-0 with Juventus.

Come back to play in the second half in the 70th minute, Juventus escaped 2-0 from Alvaro Morata, then in the 90th minute + 5 stoppage time, Juventus got a penalty, but Paulo Dybala fired over. The beams are unfortunately gone.

The rest of the game, the two teams couldn’t do anything more. End of the game, Juventus won 2-0 at Salernitana, increasing to 24 points, keeping 7th.


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