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JYP’s new girl group members Seolyoon & Bae, practice room live streaming – SPOTVNEWS

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▲ Seolyoon and Bae, members of JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group, who will debut in February next year. Provided by JYP Entertainment

[스포티비뉴스=김원겸 기자]JYP Entertainment (hereafter referred to as JYP) showed reasoned confidence in the new girl group to be unveiled in February 2022.

JYP, which heralded the bright future of K-pop by sequentially releasing cover videos of its members as part of a new girl group debut promotion, held a ‘Guerrilla Live’ on the new YouTube channel ‘JYPn’ at 8 pm on the 15th, and )’s duet practice scene was 100% broadcast live. The act of showing the group members’ practice before their official debut to K-pop fans at home and abroad through real-time YouTube streaming shows the confidence of JYP, a ‘girl group famous singer’.

Seolyoon and Bae, who received the attention of K-pop fans for their dazzling visuals, superior physicals, and solid singing skills in the previous cover content, sang Halsey’s ‘Grave Yard’ without any signs of nervousness during this live on-site, with explosive high-pitched and groovy dances. It was digested and admired. Bae caught the attention of viewers from the beginning with his energetic appearance shouting “I’ll start” with his firm eyes and revealed his charming tone. Seol-yoon, who made a surprise appearance, received explosive responses with her doll-like beauty, and showed off her extraordinary potential with natural gaze processing and gestures.

In particular, as JYP prepared a unique promotion called live streaming in the practice room, the atmosphere was even more heightened. Through real-time comments, K-pop fans around the world commented, ‘I wonder what kind of concept the JYP rookie girl group members will come out with because they have good skills and talent’, and ‘They are already doing well. It would be nice to debut soon and see you on stage.”

Seolyun and Bae, as well as the JYP 2022 rookie girl group members Genie, Jiu, and Gyujin, which have been released so far, all have the three rhythms of dance, song, and visual, foreshadowing their active role as all-rounders. As the next group to follow Wonder Girls, Miss A, Twice, and Itzy, they are expected to further enhance the reputation of JYP, a ‘girl group fame’, who secured the topic early on.

The 4th division of the artist, which is working on JYP’s next girl group debut project ‘JYPn’, recently started promotion part 2. We plan to open various contents on the official teasing website and sequentially announce information related to the rookie group, such as team composition and concepts.

Meanwhile, under the slogan of “GRAB YOUR FUTURE” in July of this year, the limited edition of the debut album ‘Blind Package’, which was sold for ten days on domestic and foreign record sites, had a pre-order volume of 61,667 without any information about the team being released. Vomited qi to achieve the intestines.

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