JY’s global network potential… Received orders for NTT 5G equipment from Japan

“Test of Samsung Electronics technology in Japan”

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▲ 5G equipment that Samsung Electronics decided to additionally supply to NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s No. 1 mobile communications service provider. The base is a new ultra-light and ultra-small 5G radio base station that supports the 28GHz ultra-high frequency band.
Provided by Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics has decided to supply additional 5G equipment from NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s No. 1 mobile telecommunications operator.

After signing the first contract last year through Chairman Lee Jae-yong’s ‘Global Network’, additional cooperation with Japan’s largest telecommunications company requiring excellent technology and service quality has been achieved.

Samsung Electronics announced on the 30th that it has decided to supply NTT DoCoMo with equipment including a new ultra-light and ultra-small 5G radio base station that supports the 28GHz ultra-high frequency band. The new base station is light and small at 4.5 kg, and can be easily installed in Japan’s densely populated urban areas and their dense user areas, effectively supporting the increase in data movement.

Samsung Electronics interpreted this additional order for 5G equipment and product expansion as proof of its technological prowess once again in the Japanese market.

In particular, it is evaluated that Chairman Lee’s efforts, which have been devoted to Japan for several years, have been effective in winning this additional order. This is because the business has telecommunications equipment, which has the character of social infrastructure, large contract size and long period, so long-term promises based on trust determine the success of the business.

Chairman Lee visited Japan in 2018 and 2019 and met with major mobile phone operators, including NTT DoCoMo, to lay the foundation for expanding the 5G network business. It is known that last year, after proceeding with direct negotiations with CEO Motoyuki Ii, he won the first communication equipment contract with NTT Docomo.

Reporter Kim Min-seok

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