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[K리그1 POINT] Hong Myung-bo, who was not satisfied with ‘5-0 big win’, Ulsan gets stronger

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[인터풋볼=울산] Reporter Jung Ji-hoon = I wasn’t satisfied with the 5-0 win. Director Hong Myung-bo said that after the Gangwon War ended, he would look for the shortcomings and make up for it, and predicted the stronger Ulsan Hyundai.

Ulsan Hyundai won 5-0 against Gangwon FC in the opening game of’Hanawon Q K League 1 2021′ held at Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium at 2 pm on the 1st. With the victory on this day, Ulsan proved to be a strong candidate for the championship by showing overwhelming performance from the opening game, and coach Hong Myung-bo tasted the joy of victory in his debut game.

Coach Hong Myung-bo won an overwhelming victory from his K-League debut. At the beginning of the game, Kangwon struggled with strong forward pressure, but when Jo Hyun-woo was saved, he overcame the crisis, and afterwards, he completely dominated the game and made the opening goal with Yun Bitgaram’s fantastic free kick.

In the second half, it was Hong Myung Bo’s showtime. Director Hong Myung-bo added creativity to Jungwon by introducing Lee Dong-gyeong at the beginning of the second half, and Ulsan overpowered the opponent from this point on. As a result, Kim Ki-hee and Dong-joon Lee scored consecutive goals, and after that, Kim In-seong scored a multi-goal and finished with a perfect victory.

It was a special victory for Hong Myung-bo. Director Hong Myung-bo, who had left the K-League stage at the end of 2002, returned to the K-League after 19 years and won a complete victory in the coach’s debut match. In particular, coach Hong Myung-bo enthusiastically taught in the rain for 90 minutes, breathing with players and fans, enjoying a complete victory.

However, Director Hong Myung-bo was not satisfied. It was a satisfactory game because he won a 5-0 win in the K-League manager’s debut, but he expressed his intention to find and analyze the shortcomings.

Director Hong Myung-bo said, “Fortunately, the weather was not cold, so I was able to teach in the rain. It was our home game, and in the rainy weather, the fans also cheered in the rain. Of course, it was natural for me to be in the rain. As it was the opening game, there were some parts that didn’t fit, but I kept talking to coaching. Now that the game is over, I will prepare well for the next game. You have to prepare by analyzing what is wrong,” he said, focusing on finding the parts that were not good enough.

It is foreshadowing a stronger Hongmyeong protection. As coach Hong Myung-bo said, he won a 5-0 win, but there was a shortcoming, and above all, Ulsan’s current power is not 100%. Ji-Hyun Kim, In-sung Kim, and Yun-gu Kang came out as the starting game, but Hinter Je-Jeon, Barco, and Lee Cheong-yong can play in this position. In particular, if Lee Chung-yong, who adjusted his condition at the end of the second half, is in the second line, creativity can be revived, and Hinter Control and Barco are resources that will strengthen Ulsan’s firepower if only adapting to the K-League stage.

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