[K-기자회견] ‘End of the Cliff’ Manager Hong Myung-bo, “Last home game… I will do my best for the fans”

[인터풋볼=수원] Reporter Ha Geun-soo = Coach Hong Myung-bo, who has moved away from winning the championship due to being caught in Suwon, said he will do his best for the fans until the last home game.

Ulsan Hyundai drew 0-0 with Suwon Samsung in Round 37 (Final Round 4) of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2021’ held at 2:40 pm on the 28th at Suwon World Cup Stadium. As a result, Ulsan (70 points) failed to catch up with leader Jeonbuk Hyundai (73 points) and moved away from the championship.

Ulsan, who was on the offensive, missed a decisive opportunity. In the 18th minute of the first half, Lee Cheong-yong, who attempted to break through the box, stumbled and fell by Henry and took a penalty kick (PK). Lee Dong-kyung aimed for the right post and shot, but Rodong-gun made a save and Suwon escaped the crisis.

Suwon also counterattacked. In the 33rd minute of the first half, Kim Geon-hee took a one-on-one chance after going through Sang-Bin Sang and Min-Woo Kim, but could not finish with a shot. The first half ended without a goal with a save from the goalkeepers of both teams.

Both teams struggled for offside. After Choi Sung-geun’s shot in the 11th minute of the second half, Jeong Sang-bin pushed the second ball into the net to shake the net, but the referee declared offside. In the 24th minute of the second half, Lee Dong-jun scored with a header this time, but this was also canceled due to offside. In the end, the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

After the game, manager Hong Myung-bo said, “The players played a good game. The PK scene was disappointing. If I had scored, I would have led the game, but that part seems to be a burden on the players. Other than not scoring overall, the players were good. I think I did,” he said of the game.

Ulsan fell behind in the championship competition with Jeonbuk with a draw that day. On the same day, Jeonbuk took advantage of Daegu FC. Ulsan must win in the final round and have to wait for Jeonbuk to lose.

Regarding the urgent situation, he said, “It’s not like that at all. I think I’ll do my best until the end. There is a difference of two points, but basically, until the last game, I plan to do my best for the home fans.”

Meanwhile, on this day, Kim Tae-hwan collided with Jeong Sang-bin and produced a dizzying situation. Afterwards, the scene of an argument with the Suwon bench side was also caught on the broadcast camera. Manager Hong Myung-bo replied, “I didn’t see the scene exactly. I don’t think there would be any problem with that part. I’ve been to the national team, so I don’t think I’m as excited as before.”


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