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“‘K-actor’ female gangs are severe and violent” Kim Seon-ho’s university alumni exposure

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picture explanationKim Seon-ho. Provided by | Salt Entertainment

Actor Kim Seon-ho, who suffered from abortion rumors, was embroiled in a personality controversy this time.

There was a claim that he had an accident due to his high-spirited personality and strong female bias during his college days.

On the 21st, an article titled, “I am a K-actor college alumni.

Mr. A, who posted a photo of the Seoul Institute of the Arts graduation album, said, “Why was his personality exposed until he came so late? feel cool Causal retribution, you reap what you sow,” he said, referring to the recent controversy surrounding Kim Seon-ho’s privacy.

He wrote, “I write this in the hope that he will once again use it as an opportunity for him to come to his senses and reflect.

Also, “It’s not the first time I’ve stopped fighting because of the act of opening my eyes wide and swearing at the same colleague and trying to punch me if someone else doesn’t agree with me when I’m working on a project.” “I don’t use myself as an actor Staff who don’t like it, if there were students who majored in students or friends they didn’t like, they liked to gossip and gossip.”

Finally, Mr. A said, “Don’t be fooled by the good and good image of actor K. There are many more episodes I want to talk about, but I will stop here for today.

There are a lot of people called Joojak, so I shoot a graduation album and upload it.”

In response, Kim Seon-ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment, told the Maeil Business Star Today only a brief position that “it is not true.”

On the 17th, Kim Seon-ho was at the center of controversy when an article was posted on an online community that revealed that she was pregnant with the child of ‘popular actor K’, but chose abortion through his consolation.

On the 20th, Kim Seon-ho, who was consistent with silence, apologized on the 20th, saying, “I hurt him with my negligence and thoughtless action.” I also feel bad for his collapse,” he wrote, adding, “I received an apology from him, and I think there was a misunderstanding.”

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