K-dramas fans must not miss out on exclusive interviews ‘Jang Dong Yoon’ and ‘Krystal Jung’ in Search series.


Can be said to be the most powerful force forKorean drama thrillerThat invites the audience to search for an answer with a name like Search Or hunt to challenge death that tells the story of a search team who must perform a secret mission due to an unexpected strange event in the Demilitarized Zone of Korea or DMZ, this series has a bright young hero that captures fans Has arrived, overwhelmingly from a role in The Tale of Nokdu like “Jang Dong Yoon” Come together with a beautiful young heroine “Crystal Jeong”

Where this turns the role of a skilled female soldier Which in addition to the exciting content that almost stopped breathing Search It is also unique in that it combines the techniques of filming and drama together to create greater excitement for the audience. For which series fans are going to continue enjoying the next episode of this series or are looking for fun content? Worth following to watch one story There was a story behind it, including the feelings of the filming from the young mouth. Jang Dong Yoon And young Crystal Book To leave, which will be how it is Let’s try to read it together better.

Interview with Jang Dong Yoon

1. How do you prepare to play and act in action scenes in the series Search?

Jang Dong Yoon: In this story, I played the role of a member of the survey. Which shape is very important Therefore, I have to exercise to gain weight and get fit. I practiced fighting techniques from the Martial School. And I gain weight mainly by increasing the protein content (meat). In addition, I also use my own experience in the military. Including that of many soldiers People who have come across as a model for acting Including imitating the speaking style of soldiers and officers in the department And the nature of the relationship between the soldiers in the division as well

2. In the series you play the role of a military dog ​​commander. Do you have to be specially trained with military dogs? So how did the scene with these dogs go?

Jang Dong Yoon: I learned how to control military dogs from the Military Dog Training Center. There are two unforgettable scenes with military dogs. The first scene is where my companion dog is gone and I have to go look for it. The other scene is the scene where I look for the missing person with my companion dog.

3. Do you like dogs or cats better? And what kind of face do you think you have between a kitten and a puppy?

Jang Dong Yoon: Actually, I like both dogs and cats. But think of yourself like a puppy

4. What impression will your audience get with your performance on Search?

Jang Dong Yoon: This is the first time I’ve acted in a drama like this. Hopefully the audience will see a new image. Of Jang Dong Yoon that is different from acting in previous TV series.

5. Have you said that you especially liked filming action scenes? They also like the muscle aches that occur after training. Do you have any plans to change to an action star in the future?

Jang Dong Yoon: I didn’t plan on becoming a movie star. As an actor I just want to show a new image. It is different in every character that I play for the audience to see.

6. If you have the opportunity to open a channel or make your own program What kind of show would you like to do?

Jang Dong Yoon: I like eating and cooking. So if you make your own channel or program It would be a restaurant tour or cooking. Or is it a good travel program as well In addition, I am a person who likes to talk. Talk shows are also interesting.

7. What kind of entertainment program or program do you like in your free time? And would you like to challenge yourself as an MC?

Jang Dong Yoon: I don’t really get it.

8. Search is a thriller series involving the military. Do you think acting in this series improves your acting skills?

Jang Dong Yoon: Helped a lot. I have never acted in a series like this before. Therefore, this experience has been very useful for my skills and the future of my acting career.

9. I heard that you are working with Khun Crystal for the first time. Can you tell us how your first impression of Khun Crystal was?

Jang Dong Yoon: My first impression of Mr.Krystal was that she was easy to get along with other people. And then naive When I worked with her, I realized that she really was like that. She is straight And also pay attention to other people

10. In this series you are faced with many mysterious and dangerous situations. And in real life, are you brave and adventurous?

Jang Dong Yoon: I’m an adventurous person. But is often hurt by these things as well So before going on an adventure We have to take into account our own safety and health.

11. What makes you feel attractive in this chapter? And decided to play this role

Jang Dong Yoon: Reading the script and feeling very interesting, I decided to play. Sergeant Yong Dong Jin is a stubborn person. And then it turns out to be a little impulsive, making it an interesting character.

12. You have played a soldier in the past. What is the difference between the roles that were received this time and the characters that were previously performed?

Jang Dong Yoon: Speaking about Mr. Sunshine, right? In that drama I acted as a cadet. Which is quite different from the script shown in this story I have had real experience in military service before. And the life of a soldier in this story clearly reflects life in the army today.

13. What challenges did you face during filming? And how to deal with it

Jang Dong Yoon: I think the most challenging thing is to really bring the words in the script to come to life. I’m not sure with my skills. Will I be able to express this character naturally? But I overcome this problem by talking to other actors. Including the director and crew on the set We have a lot of meetings and discussions.

14. What do you find yourself in common with and different from the characters shown in the series?

Jang Dong Yoon: I think I have a lot in common with Yong Dong Jin. And then there are very few different stories. When I play this character I will also use the experiences and feelings that I experienced when I entered the military service. This is why I think we are similar in many ways. When I was a soldier, I was rather bragged. Then became proud But sometimes it is lazy. Which the character Yong Dong Jin has the characteristics that have been said in him If there is anything that we are different from I think it is probably the case that Sergeant Yong Dong Jin is a stubborn person. As for me, it is easy.

15. What role would you like to play in the future and what genres of series would you like to try?

Jang Dong Yoon: I want to try acting as a normal person. Like ordinary people who survive in difficult environments Like in director Ken Loech’s movies, the series I want to try is a genre that focuses on humanity. I also want to play a character who has to speak the dialect. Or characters who work in the service of society like journalists or lawyers too. Or the role of a father in a series or movie about the subject of people’s lives is also interested.

16. Do you feel pressured to take on a role in this series? So who is your acting prototype?

Jang Dong Yoon: Because this is the first time I have acted in a drama like this. Of course, there must be pressure. For show prototypes Instead of raising any one of the actors as a model I will note many strengths of the performers. He came to use it as a model.

17. Just two years after debuting in 2016, you starred in the lead roles of A Poem a Day and The Tale of Nokdu for your role in the series. Looking back at your acting journey What experiences / memories do you think are most memorable for you?

Jang Dong Yoon: I only pay attention to the present. For me, the past is just a passing story. And I will focus only on what I am doing right now. So I always try to forget the dramas I played in the past.

18. What activities did you do during a COVID-19 situation? Are there any new hobbies and when the situation returns to normal? What do you want to do first?

Jang Dong Yoon: Usually, I like going out to delicious restaurants to eat, but with the current situation, I can’t do that. So I ordered food to eat at home instead. I think I cook for myself more often than I did before COVID. If everything is back to normal I want to go out with my family.

19. Finally, do you have anything you want to tell your Thai fans?

Jang Dong Yoon: We work hard to make this drama the best. Hope you enjoy watching it. Thank you fans for following the series Search and getting in with my acting.

Crystal Jung Interview

1. In the series Search, you have to queue up many scenes. Did you do any special training before filming? So how do you prepare yourself for the role of a female soldier?Crystal Jung: To make the role of the female soldier realistic. I actually talked to the female soldiers. Including learning and practicing various fighting methods Required to take

Do it too. I also work hard to keep my body healthy.

2. What was the most challenging aspect of playing a female soldier?

Crystal Jung: For me, everything in this role is a challenge.

3. After acting in this series Has your view of the military changed at all?

Crystal Jeong: I must say that I have a different experience. In the past, I only knew that being a soldier was tough and tough. Enough now to take on the role of a soldier Makes me feel more respectful of them

4. Have you ever said that if you can’t go on vacation? You will go for a walk instead. Due to the epidemic situation this year, you will not be able to hang out as much. You have other hobbies Besides walking or not

Crystal Jung: I live the same everyday life as everyone else. I’m a housewife. So I like staying home, watching movies, listening to music, or cooking.

5. In this series Your character has to face many mysterious and dangerous situations. In real life, are you an adventurous brave person?

Crystal Jung: I don’t like adventures or things that will hurt or endanger myself. But if you have to do something dangerous I will prepare myself first.

6. In this series, the role of Son Yerim you play is very determined. While taking this role Is there any point where you find it challenging or difficult?

Crystal Jung: I think the most challenging thing is remembering and familiarizing yourself with military terminology. And then when acting as a female soldier I have to keep calm all the time. You must control yourself not to express your true feelings.

7. What do you think you and Son Yerim have in common or different?

Krystal Jung: What we both have in common is that they are honest. The difference is that Son Yeim is a calm and calm person. Which is the exact opposite of me

8. What do you think made you decide to play in this series? And how interesting is this role?

Crystal Jung: The chapter of this story is very interesting. And the character of this female soldier is very unique.

9. Can you explain the difference between Search and previous series? Can you ever show us

Crystal Jung: In Search, most of the stories take place in the military camp. And this series has a very outstanding visual work. Which is something you will not see in my previous series. I hope viewers will see something new. That is different in the series about this story.

10. The roles that you play in Player and Search require a lot of physical strength. In the next series you would like to act in a romantic series. In order for the body to rest and change the atmosphere to a quickie?

Crystal Jung: I don’t limit myself to what kind of work I have to offer. I would love to try out different roles.

11. From previous works We have seen that your acting skills improve. Do you feel more confident with your acting skills now? And how do you look forward to your own acting career?

Krystal Jung: I will soon have two more movies, More Than Family and Sweet and Sour. The roles that I play in both of these films will give audiences a new picture of me as an actor. I hope that I will be able to star in many more quality series and movies.

Prepare to pamper Jang Dong Yoon and Krystal in the roles of Yong Dong Jin and Son Yeim and watch their thrilling missions in the 10-episode series “Search for Grim Reaper (Search)” for free on iQIYI.

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