K-League 2 schedule changed due to the confirmed coronavirus for Daejeon players… PO also chain movement (total)

2 weeks self-quarantine for the Daejeon team… Group training is also prohibited

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Choi Song-ah = The 2nd division K-League 2 could not avoid a certain setback due to the occurrence of a confirmed player for the first new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in domestic professional football.

The Korea Professional Football Federation announced on the 28th that “As one player from K-League 2 Daejeon was diagnosed with Corona 19 the day before, we decided to postpone the remaining game schedule of this team for more than two weeks.”

In the beginning, Daejeon was ahead of FC Anyang on the 31st and the K-League 2 round 26 home game (Daejeon World Cup Stadium) and the final round 27 away game (Changwon Football Center) against Gyeongnam FC on the 7th of next month.

According to the decision of the Federation, the match between Daejeon and Anyang was postponed to November 17, and the match between Gyeongnam and Daejeon was postponed to November 21.

It is estimated that the confirmed Daejeon player was infected in a meeting with an acquaintance after the 25th round with Jeonnam Dragons on the 24th, the latest game, so the aftermath did not reach the regular league schedule of other teams.

However, the K-League 2 semi-playoff and playoff schedule, which can only be played after completing the regular league, was inevitable.

In K-League 2, the winner of the regular league is automatically promoted to the 1st division of the next season, and the 2nd-4th place is a semi-playoff (3rd-4th place face-to-face), and the remaining one card from the playoffs (2nd place-semi-playoff winners) Arguing for promotion tickets.

This year’s semi-playoffs were scheduled to take place on November 18th (third place team home stadium), and the playoffs were scheduled to take place on November 21st (second place team home stadium), respectively, which were postponed to November 25 and November 29, respectively.

As the regular league and playoffs were pushed back, the K League 2 awards ceremony could not be held on the scheduled November 9th. The Federation of Professional Football Associations announced that it would confirm the date of the new awards ceremony later.

All of the Daejeon squad are in self-isolation.

As a result of the corona 19 test for all of the athletes and staff, no additional confirmed cases were found, but during the two-week self-isolation period, group training was not possible, and the season was at the peak of the busy Daejeon.

Daejeon, which currently ranks fifth in the league (36 victory points), has the possibility to advance to the semi-playoffs depending on the results of the remaining two matches in the regular league.

The Professional Football Federation explained, “After the self-examination period, all athletes must be tested for Corona 19, and the results must be submitted to the Federation. Only athletes and coaches who are negative as a result of the retest can participate in training and competitions.” did.

On this day, the Daejeon club announced through official channels such as social media, “I am very sorry for causing concern over the corona 19 confirmed decision of the player in the team,” and “we will make every effort to follow thorough inspection, quarantine, and sanitation rules during the quarantine period.”

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