K-Rail is brought in by those who oppose the bullet train; Questions need to be answered – Satheesan | VD Satheesan | K Rail project

Thiruvananthapuram: Opposition leader VD Satheesan said that the CPM, which had protested against the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train, was advocating for K-Rail. He also accused the CPM of double standards on the issue.

CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury and others have tweeted against the bullet train. How can such a high speed train project be implemented here when a politburo member of the same party is the Chief Minister of Kerala? The CPM has a double standard on this issue.

If the Chief Minister goes ahead with the demand that the project will be implemented, the Opposition will go ahead with the stand that it will not be allowed to go ahead. There is no compromise in this regard. We are not against the bullet train. But the questions we raise need to be answered in a way that people want.

Are the CPI and Sastra Sahitya Parishad, which oppose the project, communal organizations? The main job of this government is to hire consultants. VD Satheesan said that there will be strong protests against K-Rail in the coming days.

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