Kaen Nakhon is ready for the World Championships, passing through immigration after one day. Japan closed the country

World bantamweight championship, 2 institutions of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the World Boxing Association (WBA) of “Chao Tong” Kaen Nakhon, GPP, Pearl Sailing Boat, vice world champion, IBF 6th place and WBA 8th place with ” Monster Naoya Inoue, title holder of Japanese boxing superstar, at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo. Japan, 14 Dec.

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Recently, ‘Jimmy’ Dr. Ekarat Chaichotchuang, manager of Thai boxing, revealed that Kaen Nakhon with his team, Fahsai Sakkririn, Phum Kosolset, a total of 4 foreigners arrived. Japan completed on November 28, 64, and stayed at the Richmond Hotel Yokohama Ekimae, where he was detained and trained for the 14 days before the fight.

‘Jimmy’ revealed that Japan Airlines flights that traveled with more than 100 passengers, most of them used to connect to the United States. Only 9 passengers landed at Narita Airport. With 5 Japanese returning to the country and 4 Thai people who are boxers, the Japanese immigration department has prepared a rigorous screening because Japan Foreign tourists are not allowed to enter the country. Saliva testing for COVID is required for everyone to register through a mobile application. To be able to follow up at all times when entering the detention facility for 14 days with staff to facilitate every step. It takes a total of 1 hour to pass the immigration process.

There was a Japanese media waiting to receive the core of the city outside. with a welcome message in Thai welcome to japan and asked for an interview with Kaen Nakhon via Phum Kosolset, the Foreign Affairs Department, saying Inoue is a boxer who has always had a knockout record. and announced that he will win by knockout in this fight Kaen Nakhon replied that He also had a heavy punch and Knocked Inoue as well. Because they prepare well and practice well and are happy to fight with Inoue this time. He has been preparing for more than 3 months and has been working hard to bring the world championship belt back to Thailand.

Then the Thai challengers traveled by van to stay at the Richmond Yokohama Hotel. by the organizing team Renting the entire hotel floor forbids outsiders to be involved. and let the 4 Muay Thai boxers separate into each room alone Including not going out of the hotel except when traveling to fitness practice only

Most recently, the next day, 29 Nov. 64, the Japanese government announced that the country would close the country, prohibiting foreigners from entering. Due to the prevention of the new strain of coviral crisis “Omicron” itself. It was almost fortunate for the Thai challengers who arrived just a day before the last precautionary measure.


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