“Kai Kao” took over, “Niphon” Ching, the Deputy Minister of the Interior, resigned, fled the Constitutional Court to win the chair.

On September 6, 2022, in the National Assembly, Mr.Prasertpong Sornnuwat List of MPs party far on Statement to the press about the resignation of Mr.Niphon Boonyamanee The former deputy interior minister said that if he remembered, he had argued twice without any confidence in the deputy interior minister, the first time drawing attention to the use of power to push industrial projects. benefit capitalists After finding a winch to buy land Issue title deeds over the villagers’ farms, meet their relatives and networks involved in buying land in the area. including paying private companies that bid for multi-purpose maintenance vehicles of the then Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization

Mr Prasertpong said that after the no confidence debate was over, all the evidence in the no confidence debate was submitted to the NACC and the NACC has filed a legal case against the Criminal Court for corruption and misbehaving as the center Later, the party moved forward by Mr. Nattawut Buapratum, Deputy Leader of the Kao Klai Party presented a media film to the Speaker of the House of Representatives to sendConstitutional CourtTo consider and decide on the status of a member of the House of Representatives and Deputy Minister of the Interior Mr Niphon by the events of that day, Mr Somboon Uthai Wienkul secretary to the chairman of the council Press release that submission through the chairman of the council in this way is not possible and a wrong procedure. Despite the fact that he and his party have taken the right steps. Because after that, the President of the House of Representatives sent the matter to the Constitutional Court to determine the qualifications of Mr. Niphon as he filed a petition.

“It is clear that there has been a process of trying to block the qualification of the deputy interior minister from being the general secretary of the president of the council,” said Prasertpong.

Mr Prasertpong also said that on September 14, 2022, when Niphon’s qualifications are determined, he believes that the Constitutional Court will give a simple ruling, even if the Constitutional Court’s procedural law opens the channel that it can the Constitutional Court dispose of the case But it is very much hoped that the Constitutional Court will reveal this matter in order to be able to alleviate the doubts of society for the benefit of the public and the people.

“If the brothers and sisters of the people followed the two discussions of their lack of trust, they would clearly understand why Mr. Niphon So Bunyamanee was unquestionably disqualified to be a minister. Due to the evidence of corruption which was clearly discussed and sent to the NACC, Prasertpong stated that Mr Niphon resigned from the post. Is it known before the trial? Or this can be a resignation because in fact, if you really want to show responsibility, you have to resign from the NACC having already pointed out the wrongdoing. In addition, let the new Deputy Minister who will take care of the Land Department instead of Mr. Niphon. to come and clean up the process which is beneficial in issuing land documents illegally under the authority of Mr. Niphon to clean up the stigma for the Ministry of Interior,” said Mr Prasertpong.

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