‘Kai Oo’ asks Laos ambassador over high-speed train news ‘Thanom NBT’ handed a steering wheel of remorse hope Lao people forgive

‘Kai Oo’ asks Laos ambassador over high-speed train news ‘Thanom NBT’ handed a steering wheel of remorse hope Lao people forgive

On December 29, reporters reported that Lao National Radio Release photos of Lt. Gen. Sansern Kaewkarn, Director-General of the Department of Public Relations and delegation, while meeting with Ambassador Extraordinary General Saeng Sukhathiwong. Plenipotentiary of the Lao PDR in Thailand on December 27, at the Embassy of Laos PDR to apologize for the presentation of the news from NBT on the case of the China-Laos high-speed train on December 6th in the program ‘Listen Clearly, Thanom Made It’ by Thanom Onketpol

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Lao national radio station reported that Lt. Gen. Sansern expressing regret for the mistake in presenting information as a supervisor I have to apologize to the people of Laos. At that time, an official apology letter was issued. that such incidents would not occur again But when it happened again He therefore led the management team and reporters traveling by themselves to show sincerity and feel guilty I sincerely hope to be forgiven from the people of Laos.

Lt. Gen. Sansern also said To prevent such an incident from happening again, then Mr. Thanom Onket personally presented the garland to the Ambassador of the Lao PDR.

His Excellency Saeng said he would bring this apology. Notify the people of Laos Confident that the generous-hearted Lao people will forgive and hope that it will never happen again.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of Lao PDR also discussed the neighboring Lao-Thai relations, the heath Kong, similar traditions, language and culture. which is a historical route

“In the future, if there is a problem that is not understood or want detailed information Please contact the embassy to request accurate and truthful information to present the news to the society correctly Lao people are proud to use such high-speed train service. that is for the benefit of the Lao people People of neighboring countries of ASEAN and the ground in the future,” said H.E. Saeng, Ambassador of the Lao PDR.

At the end, the Ambassador of the Lao PDR remarked on the Lao government’s stance on strengthening and expanding the relationship as good neighbors of the two countries to grow more and more every day


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