“Kai Ratchachanon” on Father’s Day this year had to send his son to the operating room. I can’t even go when I see this word – INN News

Father’s chest Both love and care about children. even if you have to work far but also full of encouragement For the young guy – Ratchachanon, who recently posted a picture of himself during a video call with his eldest son, Kirin, who is waiting to go to the operating room for oral CYST surgery and requires general anesthesia. But when he heard the words from his son who said, “Kirin is afraid of not waking up”, the young man is completely unwell.

“This year’s Father’s Day, my eldest son was sent to the operating room over the phone because Guy was busy in Phuket. Today Kirin had to undergo oral cyst surgery. You have to be anesthetized too. She was stressed and scared. As for us, we tried to comfort her. Before hanging up, she said “Kirin is afraid of not waking up” can’t go at all #What should a father do?

Meanwhile, Haru’s side also posted on Instagram that “Squeezed Haru’s heart so much today 😭 the first time you went into the operating room. Anesthesia for the first time Now Haru has just left the operating room. Kirin just passed out. Really good hearted. For Haru, the surgery for the polyp on Rin’s lip was very small compared to the battlefield for every surgery from surgery to childbirth. But this time, my mother was the most afraid. My heart is trembling more than I cut myself every round together 😭 Once in a while I ask for support from other people. Today, mom needs a lot of encouragement. Asking for a little bit of each from all brothers and sisters. ❤️

It would be great if Phi Kai was with me now. But everyone has a mission to take responsibility. Today’s surgery was very sudden. I couldn’t say goodbye to my job from Phuket in time. Sending encouragement to Rin & Haru through a video call is so happy for us. As for the sisters, they have sent their encouragement to the front of the hospital already. 💕 #3 Yod Pediatrics #guyharufamily #kirinsfirstsurgery”

Among the fans who came to comment, they gave a lot of encouragement to Kirin.

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