Kakao Creates 10 Billion Fund to Commercialize AI ‘Kalo’

Kakao Brain, the artificial intelligence (AI) subsidiary of Kakao, will create a fund worth 10 billion won.

Kakao Brain Logo / Kakao Brain

On the 26th, Kakao Brain announced that it plans to start the ‘Kalo 100X Project’ called ‘Kallo Fund’ in the first half of the year.

The name of the fund contains the meaning that Kakaro Brain hopes to use the super large image generation AI technology ‘Kalo’ developed last year by more than 100 memories with a value of more than 100 times.

Kakao Brain plans to select four startups to participate in the Calo Fund as early as next month. The idea is to commercialize Calo by collaborating with new companies.

Hong Eun-taek, CEO of Kakao, said in a conference call announcing results earlier this month, “ACC (AI-generated content) will have a competitive advantage in the future.”


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