Kakao Games ‘Ever Soul’, the secret to box office success? “Adventure content with fun + rewards”

ⓒDaily Post = Image courtesy / Kakao Games

ㅣDaily Post=Reporter Kwak Min-guㅣ Kakao Games’ new mobile game ‘Ever Soul’ adds fun to play with colorful adventure content.

Popular adventure content in ‘Ever Soul’ is the dungeon ‘Fragmented Labyrinth’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Labyrinth’), which varies depending on the user’s choice, and the ‘Memory Corridor’, where battles battles while solving various missions.

‘Labyrinth’ consists of a log-like dungeon aiming to reach the end of a ‘labyrinth’ consisting of three steps by choosing one option. You can earn more rewards by actively choosing to fight, or you can summon a treasure chest or new spirits needed for battle while avoiding battles as much as possible.

In ‘Labyrinth’, the fighting power of the enemy is set according to the fighting power of the user, and the success or failure of the dungeon attack is determined by the strategy chosen by the user regardless of the level. The key point of the capture is to continue fighting without avoiding the enemy, and to strengthen the spirit by collecting items acquired during the labyrinth capture process.

ⓒDaily Post = Image courtesy / Kakao Games
ⓒDaily Post = Image courtesy / Kakao Games

In particular, the ‘treasure (battle support item)’ provided after fighting and defeating an elite boss is a big help when attacking as it gives options to improve allies’ stats such as stamina, attack power, accuracy, and vampirism, or reduce the attack force and defend the enemy. .

In ‘Labyrinth’, the user can set a difficulty level like ‘Normal’, ‘Elite’, and ‘Heroic’ directly when entering each stage. From the 3rd level ‘Heroic’ difficulty, enemies with more than twice your fighting power appear, so it is essential to continue fighting enemies from the beginning and strengthen your party by choosing treasures that suit your Party.

Another adventure content, ‘Memory Corridor’ features a dungeon targeting map that changes every week and completes available missions.

In the ‘Memory Corridor’, spirits, including users, appear as SD characters and fight enemies by walking around the map, and you can grow your party with combat support items acquired in the process.

ⓒDaily Post = Image courtesy of Memory Hall / Kakao Games
ⓒDaily Post = Image courtesy of Memory Hall / Kakao Games

Users can receive rewards by performing various missions on each map in the ‘Memory Corridor’. In ‘The Ruins of the Forgotten Hero’, missions such as escaping the maze are carried out while also fighting enemies, and in the ‘Crystal Cave’, you can enjoy adventures such as fighting and destroying crystals.

Coins obtained from dungeon content can be exchanged for various prizes in the shop. ‘Labyrinth Coins’ found in ‘Labyrinth’ can be exchanged for ‘Spirit Memory (Epic)’, which can get epic level spirits, and ‘Adrian’, a rarer angelic spirit, can be exchanged for ‘Memory Corridor’. With the ‘Artifact Coin’ collected in ‘, you can exchange ‘Memory of Artifact’ which corresponds to a piece of a certain Artifact, Artifact Stone, which is a material for strengthening the Artifact.

‘Ever Soul’, which adds fun with various adventure content, is a mobile RPG with a fantasy world view that tells the story of a user becoming a ‘savior’ who has been summoned by a spirit and commands various spirits like a wizard spirit to defeat powerful enemies and save the world.

In particular, ▲ 3D animation graphics ▲ strategic battle system ▲ relationship system that allows you to interact with spirits, etc. are very popular.

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