Kakao Games Introduces New Beast-like Spirit ‘Lute’ and Holds Rise Summons Event

Kakao Games Eversoul has recently unveiled the addition of a new mythical creature called ‘Lute’. This peculiar spirit originates from the relic ‘Moglai’, a colossal enchanted sword, and has taken up residence on a serene ranch near the kingdom. Lute has been gaining recognition among players, especially for its involvement in Valentine’s Day and Chuseok event narratives.

Furthermore, Kakao Games will be hosting a thrilling ‘Rise Summons Event’ alongside the introduction of Lute, which will run until October 19th. During this period, players will have the opportunity to engage in the ‘The Witch Who Destroyed the World’ battle, an encounter with an evil spirit that not only elevates the maximum level limit but also introduces captivating new mechanics. Following this, from October 5th to 12th, players can partake in ‘They’re coming?’, a thrilling encounter requiring the use of diverse items and assistance from allied spirits to triumph over incoming monsters. If that’s not enough excitement, the guild raid titled ‘Forest of Monsters!’ will test players’ skills against a formidable fairy boss named Gaia, offering a plethora of growth-enhancing rewards.

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Kakao Games Eversoul announced on the 28th that it would be adding a new beast-like spirit, ‘Lute’.

‘Lute’ was born from the relic ‘Moglai’, a huge magic sword, and is a spirit who lives peacefully on a ranch near the kingdom, looking after flocks of sheep. In particular, it has attracted the attention of many users by appearing in the stories of Valentine’s Day and Chuseok events.

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Meanwhile, Kakao Games is holding a ‘Rise Summons Event’ until October 19th along with the ‘Lute’ update.

Between September 28th and October 5th, ‘The Witch Who Destroyed the World’, an evil spirit battle that increases the maximum level and adds a new gimmick, will be open. Next, between October 5th and 12th, ‘They’re coming?’, where you’ll use various items and helping spirits to defeat incoming monsters. ‘Forest of Monsters!’ and ‘Gaia’, a guild raid featuring a fairy boss, provides various growth goods.

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