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Kakao Pay’s Busy Way to “Opening the My Data Era” Why?

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28 companies with my data permission. (Source: Financial Services Commission)

[이데일리TV 이혜라 기자] On the 28th, E-Daily TV’s Big Money Part 1’News in Issues’ dealt with issues related to the self-pricing of 28 companies’ my data (personal credit information management) businesses, including banks, card companies, and fintech companies. According to the financial committee’s own price, 28 companies, including KB Kookmin Bank and Naver Financial, will be operating in earnest from the 5th of next month.

The Financial Services Commission, however, decided to’hold the review’ for Kakao Pay. This is because the eligibility for China’s Ant Group, the second largest shareholder of Kakao Pay, has not been confirmed. Accordingly, from the 5th of next month, the’asset management service’ provided by Pay will be discontinued. The Financial Services Commission is in the position that it will resume the review once Ant Group’s eligibility for major shareholders is confirmed.

The Financial Services Commission announced the results of the my data business the previous day?

-My Data: An industry that provides new services by integrating personal credit information from banks, insurance, and credit card companies.

-Main permit requirements for My Data: △ Minimum capital of 500 million won or more △ Physical facilities △ Business plan feasibility △ Large shareholder eligibility △ Applicant’s executive qualification △ Data processing experience

Kakao Pay did not get permission for my data business. Because of this, Kakao Pay’s’Asset Management Service’ is scheduled to be suspended. Why did you not get permission?

-Large shareholder eligibility requirements’red light’… China Ant Group, the second largest shareholder

-Risk of suspension of asset management services on the 5th of next month

-Integrated history inquiry, my insurance inquiry, my car management, my financial report

-Review pending’schedule undecided’… Kakao “Discussion of partnerships with licensed companies”

What are the expected effects of the opening of the my data era?

-Consumers,’convenient’ to grasp scattered credit information at once

-Low fees, good product comparison, and public information (national and local taxes, payment details of the four major insurance premiums, etc.) can be easily collected and managed.

-Various industrial advantages… Launching large quantities of consumer-friendly products, improving infrastructure

Prospects for progress of My Data Up by each company (company).


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