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Kakao switches to ‘Daum News’ subscription model… Edited by the press

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Daum news service operated by Kakao will change to a subscription model. The news service of the existing algorithm recommendation and ranking method will be terminated.

Kakao held an ‘Daum News Service Reorganization Online Briefing’ for content-affiliated media companies and released the contents on the 24th.

For the past two years, Kakao has been pushing for news reorganization with the big direction of switching to a subscription-type service that respects users’ choices. As part of that, it introduced a content curation service ‘View’ on KakaoTalk last August, and plans to expand the ‘View’ service to mobile Daum in mid-January next year.

cacao view

View is a service that allows anyone as an editor to publish differentiated content containing their own point of view and actively discover and consume content that suits their taste.

In addition, a ‘discovery’ tab is operated to provide opportunities for media companies to find valuable and diverse articles, and ‘My View’, where users can collect and view only the boards of channels they have subscribed to, has been newly established.

Media companies can directly edit various types of articles, such as news, photos, and videos, and publish them in the form of a ‘board’, and they can operate in an outlink method.

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Kakao plans to reorganize its mobile Daum news service in mid-January next year, and also plans to reorganize its PC Daum news service within the first half of next year.

Kakao said, “Through this reorganization, we want to go one step further from distributing content, and create an ecosystem where media companies can build relationships with subscribers, communicate interactively, and form bonds.” We will continue to develop our services by introducing relational tools and paid models.”

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