Kakao Talk Gift Refund Point / Exchange Voucher Review for Full Refund

Expand your options on top of your current 90% cashback.

It is expected that users will have a wider choice when it comes to redeeming mobile gift certificates in Kakao Talk gift in the future.

In addition to the existing cash rebate, a plan to add a rebate from points or exchange vouchers is being strongly considered.

Kakao announced on the 20th that it is considering a plan to allow users to receive the full price of the gift certificate in points or exchange vouchers when they redeem in ‘Gift KakaoTalk’.

Currently, there is only a way to repay 90% of the fee in cash after deducting 10% of the fee.

When Kakao enforces the new terms and conditions, users can choose between receiving 90% of the gift certificate in cash or receiving 100% in exchange points or vouchers in accordance with the Fair Trade Commission’s standard terms and conditions.

The timing of the introduction of the new refund policy has not yet been determined.

A Kakao official said, “This is a matter that requires discussion with partners such as brand companies and coupon companies and legal review.

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