Kalamare quoted Robert Einstein for inventing new things, the first would be painful, who is confused by netizens?

Mystical! Kalamare quoted Robert Einstein for inventing new things, the first would be painful, netizens confused, who?

Still the drama never ends from the case of Kalamare after coming out with a supplement review. A feature that can do many things, such as a high bridge, double eyelid, and depression. Or prevent COVID-19, which the FDA and the PPB have called the host to be found in such an offense

In which Kalamare-Patcharasri Benjamas, the speaker, also went to clarify to the Public Health Commission in Parliament in the case of over-reviewing supplements And that it is ready to publicize the presenter in such cases

Kalamare clarifies KM Bank Public Health, does not know the law, clues, product reviews are exaggerated (with clips)

Recently, netizens continue to dig into cases that Kalamare has reviewed, such as taking supplements. It helps to have food for the brain and to make couples arguing. Stop fighting unbelievably

Including talking about famous scientists By Kalamare said in a clip that “Mer thought that What it never had It’s not that it doesn’t exist in this world. Like Robert Einstein, like a man invented something new, a light bulb or even an airplane. The Wright brothers like this. Initially, Mare said he was in pain as well. “

When a Twitter account @ PhikulHom08 Took a clip from a tweet With many people commenting that That scientist is probably Albert Einstein, the great physicist of the 20th century, the theory of relativity and whether supplements should not be linked to scientists.

The basement karaoke page has also been posted for further post.


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