Kalamare was hit with a high-so The male’s mother left the factory to clear.

Kalamare Patcharasri got caught up in high-sole, son of Teacher Aoi, life compass, male mother set out to clear a single roll.

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I’ve been single for a long time, but suddenly there is news to keep an eye on the female presenter, Kalamare Patcharasri Benjamas, and a young businessman. Le Tharit Na Phatthalung which is the son of Kru Aoi Thitinat Na Phatthalung or Kru Aoi, the Compass of Life famous life coach One of Kalamare’s close friends.

In which the news is posted a picture of Kalamare and Hisole. and write a message saying “What the heck!? Kalamare VS Hisole

But this work has been undoubtedly long. Because of this work, a mother like Teacher Aoi Departing for a short clearing, one roll ends by posting such news images. and write a message saying “All my kids are busy working so they choose to be single for now by choice. I would like to focus on work lately. #children #family #family”
The Kalamare girl came to comment that “You don’t have to make a statement. Mother made the statement herself!!!”



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