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Kalapani star; At the petrol pump now; Video of Surabhi

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Actress Surabhi Lakshmi introduces herself to the employee at the pump who regularly goes for diesel. Surabhi first asks how much is the diesel and jokingly asks if he can afford the old price. Isn’t that a regular viewer? He changed his face mask and introduced himself as a junior artist. The video shared by Surabhi is now noteworthy.

He is an old junior artist. He is said to have played minor roles in films like Kalapani, Ekalavyan and Godfather. When asked what role he played in Kalapani, he also describes the scene. Later he went to the Gulf for 12 years. When he came back, the film and the filmmakers changed.

A movie was later caught. But it also says it broke. It is a movie about a tree. Tell me if there is any minor role. Say something to the house for rent or shooting. He says the rent is Rs 15,000.

‘Fifteen thousand house near the ladies’ hostel. Surabhi shared the video titled ‘Click here for more information’. The video is also getting interesting comments.

‘The good of Kozhikode. We are expecting him in the film soon ‘,’ Give him a good chance Chechi ‘..’ His style of speaking and acting is good to look at, his voice and appearance are like Harish Kanaran ‘.


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