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Kalashnikov; Not only guns but also vehicle manufacturers are flexible

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New Delhi | Kalashnikov, a gun manufacturer, is in the news right now. Kalashnikov is a Russian company. The AK-47 rifles are a model made by them. The AK47 is one of the deadliest and most powerful rifles in the world. The latest news is not related to guns. The company has been moving from arms manufacturing to vehicle manufacturing for some time.

Kalashnikov has been entering the world of electric mobility since 2018. The company first introduced the concept of electric motorcycles and the electric CV-1. But now the company is reportedly working on a four-door electric vehicle. Kalashnikov was the first defense equipment manufacturer to enter the electric vehicle world. Kalashnikov has unveiled plans to develop a four-door EV prototype, the IUV4. Kalanishkov has also filed a patent application for the UV4 in Russia, company sources said. The Kalashnikov UV-4 is 3.4 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 1.7 meters high. This vehicle will be a city travel option for a distance of about 150 km.

The world auto industry is now shifting to electric vehicles. Many companies that are not familiar with the automotive industry are preparing to conquer the automotive market as well. Many startups like Google, Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei have stepped into this field.
The electric vehicle world is currently dominated by the US, Tesla, European brands such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault, South Korea’s Hyundai and several local Chinese companies. According to reports, the Kalashnikov UV-4 aims to become Russia’s mainstay in the automotive world. But it is not clear when production of the UV4 will begin.


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