Kalasin continually raises a sign that does not welcome ‘Phra Lek’. More than 90 percent of the district and sub-district clergy have resigned, opposing the resolution of the university.

Kalasin Flores Many districts do not welcome ‘Phra Lek’, popular MPs recommend resigning for Buddhism.

From the case of the Sangha Sangha Council (MSU) has ordered the appointment of bishops and the removal of 3 provincial monks on September 30. one of them Phra Thep Saramethi or Chao Khun Buasri The former monk of Kalasin Province (Thammayut) prompted the Sangha Council of Kalasin Province (Tha) and his relatives to protest immediately. because there is no clarification on the cause and viewed that the removal was unfair Along with the hunt for a list of 100,000 people to offer a petition to King Rama 10 to ask for justice. and submit the matter to the Religious and Cultural Commission The House of Representatives examined it. Later, there were objections from Buddhists and monks began to resign continuously. especially the resolution of the removal of unknown reasons and the establishment of a new primate of Kalasin province across the creek from Nong Khai Province, as already reported in the news

On October 24, due to the withdrawal Phra Thep Saramethi or Chao Khun Buasri Abbot of Prachaniyom temple from the primate of Kalasin Province and appointment order Phrakhru Suthiyansophon or small monk From the primate of Sangkhom District, Nong Khai Province, to become a new primate of Kalasin Province. There is still a current of objection from people and monks in Kalasin province continuously. After the previous 100,000 protests had been signed, even there were people in the area. Mueang Kalasin District, Kamalasai District, and Yang Talat District brought signs to be embroidered at various points. to protect the good people Not accepting the resolution of removal and did not welcome a small monk as a provincial primate

Recently, the current of objection has escalated. because the villagers in Non Sila Loeng Subdistrict, Kong Chai District, Kalasin Province brought a sign that wrote the message “Together, unity Protect the good people, Sri Kalasin We do not welcome small monks.” to pin it along the market rubber road Kalasin Province – Phon Thong District, Roi Et District or Indochina Road Which starts from Khon Kaen Province, connects to Mukdahan Province, to oppose the resolution of the MSU and the B.E. unfairly There was no clarification on the cause. and showing his stand against Phrakhru Suthiyansophon which was originally a primate of Sangkhom District, Nong Khai Province, who was appointed across the Huai to become a Priest of Kalasin Province (Dhammayut)

In this regard, the purpose of putting the sign here is for people who use the road to use the road both in the area and in the provinces that come through the area of ​​Kalasin Province. New Kalasin from Sangkhom District, Nong Khai Province

Mr. Narong Srisumatra, 63 years old, from Khongchai district, Kalasin province, said that the first day he heard the news of the resolution MU, withdrawing Chao Khun Buasri from the position of primate of Kalasin province, felt sad and burst into tears. have the same feeling They worshiped Chao Khun Buasri. therefore have the same breast feel the same Is sad about the resolution of the university and feel sorry for Chao Khun Buasri who is the pillar of the disciple

Mr Narong said that In the part where the monks at the district level and the sub-district level resigned almost the whole province because the decision was not accepted. while in respect of all Buddhist relatives As far as I know, no one accepts the small monk as well. Therefore, if the monk will come to be a new primate of Kalasin Province, it is believed that it will definitely create a division in the Sangha. And will cause the faith of the Buddhists to deteriorate even more. Therefore, the primate position of Kalasin province will not be able to replace Chao Khun Buasri. because he is a primate of Kalasin Province with true faith It has been a devoted disciple for many decades. especially you are still It is also the center of the heart of Kalasin Buddhists. We are steadfast to you. will give faith to other provincial primates who come from different districts provinces may not be able to

“So far it’s been almost a month since the incident happened. The feeling of regret is still there. In addition, there is a growing resistance against the small monk. Because everyone wants to return the primate position of Kalasin to Chao Khun Buasri. because he was unable to accept a small monk who would become a new provincial primate because I don’t know I don’t know if I followed the correct procedure that I used to do in the Sangha administration or not. therefore have no faith If he came here, there would be divisions among the monks. and faith in religion will surely decline.” Mr Narong said

For the 13 district primate monks and 41 sub-district clergy in 18 districts of Kalasin province, it is reported that more than 90 percent of the latest resignation has been submitted, with the rest expected to be filed by the end of October. out of the province This is to show a stand against the resolution of the removal of Phra Thep Saramethi. Former dean of Kalasin Province and refused to appoint a new primate which is an unprecedented phenomenon in the Buddhist community of Thailand

While Mr. Niyom Vejkama, a member of the Sakon Nakhon District 2 Pheu Thai Party, revealed to reporters that In the case of a memorandum from the Office of Buddhism, Kalasin Province dated October 18, 2021, subject to report on the movement of disciples In the event that the Supreme Sangha Council has a resolution to dismiss the dean of Kalasin Province claiming that the Sangha (Dhammayut) has stopped the movement But there are still 7 political disciples moving to hunt for 100,000 names to present the petition. with their name being 1 of 7 people of that book The matter was of the opinion that Director, Kalasin Provincial Office of Buddhism I don’t know what happened. Even the title claims that there is a resolution from the Supreme Sangha Council that the provincial clergy are dismissed. In fact, the Sangha Sangha only acknowledged from the documents submitted to the meeting only. No resolutions were made. Which will be considered an insertion to remove the provincial primate or not? including whether there will be a mastermind of the Buddhist school from the invisible hand

Mr Niyom said claiming that the clergy have ceased but in reality There is a monk who has resigned from the district clergyman, the sub-district clergyman almost daily in the province. including people in the area, both sign and put up signs all over the city Expresses objections, disagrees, does not accept withdrawals. and did not welcome a new small monk How can this be said to end? This is something that the Buddhist school has to come out and explain in the unrighteousness.

Mr. Niyom went on to say that At the opening of the council session on November 3, the matter of the removal of the primates of the provinces of 3 provinces will be asked to ask the prime minister. And asked the council to make a motion to study and consider whether the removal of the three provincial primates is legally exercised or not. which the public objected to widely disputed For the small monk, if you have a little less stubbornness made for buddhism It would be good to resign from your position. The Kalasin Sangha and the people will not be divided.


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