Kalasin Worker Wins 12 Million Baht Lottery Prize, Fulfilling Dream of Building House for Parents and Paying Off Debts

Unbelievable Win for Kalasin Worker in Lottery Draw

In an incredible stroke of luck, a young worker from Kalasin has won the first prize in a recent lottery draw, taking home a staggering 12 million baht. The fortunate winner, Mr. Narinthorn Chaithongsri, proudly shouted his excitement at the Kuchinarai Municipality, as he revealed his plans for the newfound fortune.

Dreams Do Come True

Mr. Narinthorn had a peculiar dream just days before his unexpected win. In his dream, he found himself devouring a succulent cow, which served as a foreshadowing for his lucky numbers – 78 to 87. Coincidentally, when a lottery ticket seller arrived at the municipal office, he decided to purchase two tickets with the last three digits being 478. Little did he know that this would be the key to his life-changing victory.

When the September 1, 2023 Government Lottery results were revealed at 4:30 pm, Mr. Narinthorn couldn’t believe his eyes. The winning number, 915478, perfectly matched the digits on his purchased tickets. Overwhelmed by joy, he ecstatically declared his win to be an astounding 12 million baht.

Plans for the Future

With his newfound wealth, Mr. Narinthorn has altruistically decided to use the money to fulfill his sincere desires. Firstly, he intends to provide financial support to his devoted parents, ensuring their well-being and comfort in their golden years. Additionally, he plans to clear any outstanding debts, relieving himself of financial burden.

However, Mr. Narinthorn’s aspirations extend beyond personal matters. He also intends to invest a portion of the winnings in building homes for less fortunate individuals within the Kuchinarai City community. His desire to give back to society reflects the newfound responsibility and gratitude that accompanies such an extraordinary windfall.

The Mayor of Kuchinarai City, Mr. Thanaset Chaisongkramthanat, expressed his admiration for Mr. Narinthorn’s generosity and success. He joined colleagues and staff members in congratulating the lucky winner, highlighting the positive impact this win will have on both his life and the local community.

As Mr. Narinthorn embarks on this exciting new journey in life, his story serves as a reminder that dreams really do come true, and that luck can strike unexpectedly.

The 1st prize in this draw is in Kalasin. A young worker who hired Duang Heng won 12 million, loudly shouting at the municipality. Revealing the dream of eating a cow Prepare to bring money to build a house for parents and pay off debts

At 4:30 pm on September 1, 2023, after the result of the Government Lottery For the date of September 1, 2023, the first prize is number 915478. It seems that the employees of Kuchinarai Municipality Kuchinarai District, Kalasin Province became a millionaire new, won the 1st to 2nd prize, received a prize of 12 million baht.

by young urban workers This lucky person is Mr. Narinthorn Chaithongsri, aged 27, is an employee. The Office of the Permanent Secretary, Kuchinarai Municipality after hearing the news, Mr. Narinthorn the 1st prize, namely Mr. Thanaset Chaisongkramthanat Mayor of Kuchinarai City He got together with the staff and their colleagues to congratulate each other enthusiastically.

Mr revealed Narinthorn that last week I dreamed that I had eaten a cow or a cow’s placenta before hitting numbers 78 – 87 when someone came to sell lottery tickets in the municipal office. So he chose to buy the last 3 numbers, 478, keep 2 tickets until today, government lottery result, 1st prize, number 915478

“The last 3 digits correspond to the lottery tickets you bought. Hurry to take it to check and find out that the numbers in the lottery match all 6 digits. At that moment, he shouted with joy, winning up to 12 million in the lottery. Duties in Kuchinarai City next”

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