[Kamakura-dono 13 Crynodeb Nesaf]The 44th “Judgment Day” Eyes and tricks collected at Hachimangu Shrine… Aired on November 20 – Art Exhibition Navigation

[Kamakura-dono 13 Crynodeb Nesaf]The 44th “Judgment Day” The gazes and movements that gather at the Hachimangu Shrine… Broadcast on November 20


SummaryThe 13 of Kamakura-dono
In Sanetomo’s room in the Kamakura Imperial Palace. Sanetomo tells his wife Chiyo (Kato Konatsu) that he is going to visit him and go to the Udaijin’s congratulatory ceremony.


[13 o bobl o Kamakura-dono]

The 44th “Judgment Day”

NHK General November 20Sunday (Sunday) 8pm-8:45pm

BS Premium November 20Sunday (Sunday) 6pm-6:45pm


In the garden of the Kamakura Imperial Palace. Yoshitoki orders to be Zoshiki no Tou (Chihiro Yamamoto)
In Okura Shinmido.Yoshitoki thanks Unkei (Kazuyuki Aijima) for presenting the statue that Yoshitoki requested.

Minamoto no Sanetomo (Hayato Kakizawa) is appointed Minister of the Right by arrangement of Emperor Gotoba (Matsuya Onoe).

In Masako’s room in the Kamakura Imperial Palace. Minamoto no Sanetomo (Hayato Kakizawa) asks Masako about something.

While Masako (Eiko Koike) is proud of her beloved son’s success, Kugyo (Kanichiro), who is ambitious for Kamakura-dono, visits Yoshimura Miura (Koji Yamamoto) and has a secret conversation about the ceremony to be held at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.

In the lobby of the Kamakura Imperial Palace.Yoshitoki watches closely while talking to Yoshimura Miura (Koji Yamamoto)

Yasutoki (Kentaro Sakaguchi) feels uneasy about Miurakan’s movements.

In the lobby of the Kamakura Imperial Palace.Yoshitoki confirms that he is with Yasutoki
At Kamakura Hachimangu Shrine, near the middle gate. Yasutoki Hojo (Kentaro Sakaguchi) and other samurai guards are surprised to see a certain picture.

On the other hand, around Yoshitoki (Shun Oguri), Nakaaki Minamoto (Toma Ikuta), who increases his presence as a bridge between the Imperial Court and Kamakura, Noe (Rinko Kikuchi)…

In the lobby of the Kamakura Imperial Palace. Nakaaki Minamoto (Toma Ikuta) further provokes Yoshitoki, who is angry about something.
At Yoshitoki’s house.Yoshitoki asks Noe (Rinko Kikuchi) about something specific
Kamakura Hachimangu Shrine, under the grand staircase. For some reason, Minamoto no Nakaaki is holding Yoshitoki’s hand.

Starring:Shun Oguri Eiko Koike Kentaro Sakaguchi Koji Seto / Matsuya Onoe Toma Ikuta / Rinko Kikuchi Koji Yamamoto and others

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