kamal-nath-quits-as-congress-legislature-party-leader-in-madhya-pradesh | Hindi language controversy; Protest against Ajay Devgn in Karnataka

Bangalore: Protests erupted in Karnataka against Ajay Devgn’s tweet that Hindi should be made the national language. Praveen Shetty’s faction in Karnataka Rakshane Vedi has come out against Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn. The protest was held at the Bengaluru Bank Circle. Protests arrived in police custody for abundance slogans with the pictures of Ajay Devcom’s films. Police said the prior approval was not bought to organize protests.

One of the protesters said that North Indians were provoked by statements that Hindi should be made the national language. Hindi films are often screened in Karnataka. Protesters, however, alleged that Kannada films were creating intolerance in Bollywood as they were gaining nationwide success.

TA Narayana Gowda, president of the organization, said that Hindi speakers were encroaching on other languages ​​because of the emphasis on Hindi in the Indian Constitution. Gowda added that Ajay Devgn’s statement was an example of feudalism. The protesters also demanded an end to the constitutional emphasis on the Hindi language.

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